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reedsy. reedsy. She had good reviews but our working relationship was not productive. The Reedsy bids were all very professional and I selected the bid for designer whose work I liked the most, David Provolo, one of the bids through Reedsy. My other (dozen) reviews are very positive, so I was surprised when I finally got a two-star Reedsy Discovery review. Reedsy Review! Follow. My kindle books looks great!The only limitation that I'm deducting a star for the inability to copy and merge books on the platform. Read verified user reviews from people in industries like yours. Bummer at fifty bucks. Leaderboard view all. Stories (23) Comments. Assemble a team of pros. I felt upset and expressed it and they had no resolve to remove it for me. ; a portfolio of previous books or projects that you have worked on that match the services you offer; Clients say what they need; the site sets them up with five appropriate editors. Their discovery service is very bad and unprofessional. The higher prices are for more technical work, such as historical fiction or business books, which both require substantial fact-checking. #1 Zilla … Fun fact; lots of comments on the city facebook page are asking the OP if she was indeed moving at 3:30AM, as if that makes it justifiable to use such a derogatory word. Now, mistakes happen. Short stories inspired by writing prompts. I found an editor through Reedsy and it was an awful experience. If you are looking for an editor /proof reader, I highly recommend. Reedsy connects authors with professional book editors, writers and designers who can move a book project from concept to reality. When you’re ready you can submit briefs and raise quotes with up to five professionals. 744 Followers. 117 Followers. Reedsy came up in conversation on Facebook. Don't pay Reedsy $50 to get insulted--that's my motto. Stories (18) Comments. (Web App, Writing Tools, and Tech) Read the opinion of 74 influencers. But, you may want to also market your services independently, where you can have more control over your rates and clientele. 2. share. Here is an evolving publishing and contract editing platform. Read writing about Writing Prompts in Reedsy. The New Reedsy Book Creator Review: Reedsy vs Google Docs vs Scrivener. I did not ask for a refund. The pandemic is fueling cons by solving…, Driving and delivery are bright spots in an otherwise bleak job market, but which driving and…, Even as Covid slams the traditional employment market, new jobs fueled by online platforms that…, If the latest Covid numbers have you reluctant to go out -- even to work -- here are remote jobs…, California ride share and delivery drivers will get a raise and some insurance benefits, thanks to…, In the last few weeks several types of jobs have started revving up and reviving, providing…, A highly-paid but potentially risky way to make money is to volunteer for clinical trials. Follow. In many…. ... Booktube Directory Writing prompts Book review … ... Booktube Directory Writing prompts Book review … Pros I've been with Reedsy over a year so far and genuinely look forward to logging in every morning. Total waste of my valuable time and money. For the last two years I have been using Reedsy for all my editing work with my writing. The staff at Reedsy refused and have not been pleasant. have substantial experience in the relevant field — writing, editing, web design, etc. Sorry you've had this experience. They took my money and gave a very bad unconstructive and unprofessional review that's full of grammatical mistakes and just attacking the author. When I first started the process of publishing my debut novel The Blade Witch, the task looked a bit daunting to me. The Reedsy bids were all very professional and I selected the bid for designer whose work I liked the most, David Provolo, one of the bids through Reedsy. If you’re fast and good at rejecting projects likely to require heavy editing, you should be able to make a reasonable living here. I found Reedsy to be an incredibly helpful service. Reedsy also carefully screens prospective editors on the site, favoring those who have worked for big publishers. You have options to hire from editing, cover design, marketing, ghost writing, and book reviews. Let us help you make a confident buying decision On top of it all, the editor began to harass me for giving her a bad review. David's work, both the cover and the interior of my book, was brilliant and timely, and my book, "One More Season," is number 1 in its Amazon category. Improve your workflow and manage all of your submissions from one place. Reedsy is hands down the best.Really powerful, flexible tools for formatting an ebook. End of Story. Thus, you’ll likely to earn $100 to $300 for editing a 10,000-word manuscript. Meanwhile, my book was released and is doing well despite wasting 4 months on Reedsy not doing anything. My book, AS GOOD AS CAN BE is out now and doing well! 303 Followers. Author on Reedsy Prompts since Nov, 2020. Overall, ours was a smooth experience and we’ll definitely use again. But having to blind-bid against other editors is a negative. You're taking a risk and hoping they will do the work. Their book reviewers are unqualified and unprofessional.Previously, I got my book professionally reviewed by Publishers Weekly and Kirkus. Since you’re bidding against only. It would have been nice if I had Reedsy to help me through that. Review came back basically advertising another author who has a relationship with someone working with reedsy. 55 Stories 12932 karma pts? I found both my editor and book cover designer through them and had excellent experiences with them both. Stories (7) Comments. Publishers Weekly and Kirkus provided a very well constructive review detailing the good and the bad about the book.On Reedsy discovery, they have some people with no professional qualifications that claim to be "book reviewers". Those payments are automatically collected by the site, which saves editors from dealing with collections. Author on Reedsy Prompts since Jun, 2020. With a wide range of collections for men, women and kids that suit a variety of occasions, styles and moods, we have something for everyone. I thought of publishing a book over there but it is not working. (That’s about 40 double-spaced pages.) 2 years ago. And, of course, you have to pay 10% of whatever you earn to the site, plus nearly 3% to Stripe to get access to your money. Library. It helped me narrow down the people I thought would be helpful to my project, based on other authors' experiences.Using Reedsy, I felt confident sending out my manuscript, have the billing done through them, and they facilitate early communication really well. Author on Reedsy Prompts since Mar, 2020. My advice is to have a completed Manuscript if you need a book editor, it will save you time and money. Reedsy is a far better place to look for editing jobs than, say, Upwork or Remote. So, I simply asked the review be removed. Those editors submit bids, based on their normal rates and a description of the necessary work. Follow. Stories (55) Comments. I used the Reedsy platform to search for editors and selected three to give me quotes. BUT! I can also keep in contact with those who have helped me with my books after using the website. I would participate in their book club, but in order to have my book reviewed they wanted an unrestricted mobi! Streamline your workflow, access hundreds of books for free before they are published, and earn money while doing what you love. Reedsy is a British online author services firm based in London which serves as a bridge uniting authors and publishing freelancers in the self publishing industry. 404 Following. Check Pathfinders Trainings Reviews. Found reedsy to be a great platform for me they have all the resources I needed to write and publish a book I also found the site easy to use Ross. Get opinions from real users about Reedsy with Serchen. Is Reedsy the right Publishing Software solution for your business? 1022 submissions. Crafting beautiful books is at the heart of everything that Reedsy does. Most of the authors using the site are planning to self-publish, so the quality of their manuscripts are likely to vary widely. Reedsy allows authors to find and work with the best publishing professionals: from developmental editors to book cover designers, publicists and translators. Short stories inspired by writing prompts. I recommend others not to go there. I can't say enough for the Reedsy experience and strongly recommend it for anyone else seeking help with a manuscript. There was an overwhelming avalanche of information out there and I had no idea where to start. I loved how easy it was to manage the finances.Reedsy made my author journey so much more enjoyable and streamlined, and I’ll continue to use my their services throughout my author career. There's not a whole lot written about it. Written with the right amount of humor, thrill, information, and character development, Game of Lions deserves a place on my list! Connect. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. After spending so much money with them, I was disgusted. In our view, the benefit of having someone market and bill for you is well worth the 10% fee. ... Game of Lions- Nainika Gupta Review: If you love a good fantasy with suspense and a female heroine... this is for you! 23 Stories 2353 karma pts? In 2019 the firm has a staff of 25, and has 150,000 authors in its community and 1,500 editors and designers and marketers and ghostwriters. Blog. Reedsy charges a 10% service fee for each project through the marketplace. All three responded promptly and the two who were not chosen were very gracious. Reedsy is a far better place to look for editing jobs than, say, Publishing Perspectives summarizes estimated earnings, 5 Side hustles to relieve a debt hangover, Travel and entertainment side hustles for a post-pandemic world, Job seekers beware: Job scams hit record levels, New jobs for testers, laborers, caregivers and others, Share your skills and profit from a distance, California drivers get a raise and benefits. U.K. self-publishing platform Reedsy launched the Reedsy Book Editor, an online editing and typesetting tool, and the site reports growing membership and new partnerships with Ingram and Kobo. The attractive elements of Reedsy’s set up: Editors set their own rates and payment formula, determining when progress payments are required. A weekly short story contest. Reedsy is an amazing tool to typeset with! It is a minefield out there when you are trying to become an author but I have found some fantastic editors on this site and very reasonably priced too. I highly recommend you look at these carefully recognizing that some of what you see does not clearly declare the financial interests on the face of the reviews. Seems like a conflict of interest. Amazing! In our view, the benefit of having someone market and bill for you is well worth the 10% fee. Since you’re bidding against only skilled editors, they presumably won’t cut their rates too steeply, though. Synopsis: Alby, a loyal house cat, bravely walks through Professor Wizoom’s triangular doorway and is transported to a strange, new world. I hired an editor and cover designer. Reedsy is a far better place to look for editing jobs than, say, Upwork or Remote. The one I picked did a great job. Follow. If there are any issues with your experience you can report it and try getting a refund. Library. The reviewer doesn't like American fiction or romance, so why did he want to review my book with its definite lean into romance? So for those who are frustrated about the prices: I agree. But it would be tough to charge premium rates. Reedsy also adds a 10% fee onto the client’s bill. When I completed my manuscript and got to the point that I needed a book designer, I solicited five bids from Reedsy professionals and two others from outside professionals, all of them with vast, but comparable experience. When I spoke to Reedsy about it at first they were attentive, then after months of being put off and not getting what I had paid for from the editor, I tried to contact them but they were unresponsive. 18 Stories 2811 karma pts? TERRIBLE. But having to blind-bid against other editors is a negative. Reedsy Book Editor - Professionally designed books in seconds. They are very helpful and quick to respond if I had a problem. Their website is extremely confusing, they removed the formatting for the sample for reviewers and jammed everything together without spacing so the reviewers, if they have any, probably thought the manuscript was never formatted and didn't waste their time. But, you may want to also market your services independently, where you can have more control over your rates and clientele. That ain't going to happen. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: Pathfinders Trainings Academy is a leader in investing and stock trading education. I chatted with a member of their team asking them to fix this problem but they never help, they are so bad. I came in as an intern with no experience in the field and very little experience working … But your chance of getting a job is likely to be determined by whether your rates are in a normal range. Author on Reedsy Prompts since Sep, 2020. The first time I used Reedsy, I made some mistakes but I learned from them. The rub is that Reedsy tacks on a hefty fee for the author AND takes away from the editor—but as the payee, I still have to pay the Stripe processing fee for the full amount. Won by Phoebe Barr. I have to thank Reedsy for helping me publish my first children's book called Maxine and The Great Escape you can check it out on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. He befriends a humorous and somewhat annoying little froguar named Fremmy; the froguar agrees to help Alby search for the missing professor. Library. reedsy marketplace. Read more about Reedsy. Mica Scotti Kole is a developmental editor and the curator of the @writevent Twitter account, which promotes free writing contests and events like the Reedsy Contest. It seems you signed up to *use our Marketplace* instead of using the dedicated sign up to get the free resource. 1239 Following. Job scams are hitting record highs. Discover 4 alternatives like GitBook Editor and PublishDrive Want to get rid of 2020's residual economic pain? We're changing the way books are published by giving authors and publishers access to talented professionals, powerful tools, and free educational content. level 1. The Reedsy Editor: Create a book and either import and paste in your chapters and sections. Bait and switch every time! 153 Following. They're a platform connecting authors with editors, book cover designers, marketing professionals, and everything in between.Through the Reedsy platform, I found three editors I've really enjoyed working with (and who improved my manuscript to no end! Report Save. The client chooses the freelancer from those bids. Check Pathfinders Trainings Reviews. I paid for an unbiased review and there may be a conflict of interest. Clients say what they need; the site sets them up with five appropriate editors. reedsy 0 points 1 point 2 points 5 months ago I'm surprised it has taken this long for something like this to make it to this subreddit from my city. As we wrote back in numerous emails, neither the reviewer, nor Reedsy Discovery, has any relationship whatsoever with the other author (Marie Kondo), aside from the fact that the reviewer previously read her book.

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