mario vs luigi who would win

No research! Now he's thinking...soon. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Wiz:Mario...Boomstick:...Luigi.Wiz:The 2 Poster boy's of the World's Most Popular Gaming Franchise in the World.Boomstick:And Tonight the 2 Plumbers are Gonna Fight to the Death!Wiz:I'm Wiz and He's Boomstick.Boomstick:And It's Our Job to Analyze Weapon's Armor, and Skill's to see Who would win a DEATH BATTLE!!! Games. Characters are in Peak. Luigi runs/swims faster than Mario. Mario would win this because he can use all his power ups that he has in the game so its Mario ftw. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 MELEE! The fact is, they are both incredibly experienced adventurers. Luigi. Luigi stomps like he's wearing the Goomba's shoe. ! Luigi. 60 Seconds! 2 Fighters! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mario and Luigi team up with Bowser, against 3 guild members from Fairy Tail who are Natsu, Gray, and Lucy, which of these 3 will win a DBX? Mario. Mario vs Luigi ( mario because luigi's only weapon is a vacuum cleaner) 5. Forum Posts. Gold, his very own cape, etc, he could have asked for all of that. Mario the italian plumber vs Sonic the blue hedgehog. He's taller, and it's much easier to punch down than up. Boo > Goomba. YES! zaowie. Mario vs. Super Luigi (316/365) Mario: Plucky, portly plumber from Brooklyn who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom with his brother Luigi and whose bravery often leads him into adventures saving damsels in distress.. Super Luigi: Timid, thin plumber from Brooklyn who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom with his brother Mario and who has recently eaten a Super Mushroom, giving him super strength. As a man with brothers who he simultaneously loves and hates, have gold. Feb 23, 2016 . Mario and Luigi walk in the … 2 FIGHTERS! Geogre Bush vs. Bill Clinton (bill clinton because he has help under the desk) 5. Luigi simply wants to be as good a plumber as his brother. Mario and Sonic taken to an extreme, this time is a fight between the Strongest Mario Villain and the Strongest Non Archie Sonic villain. Follow 25. Mario vs Luigi 4 Adventures Game : Are you good with your mouse? plus mario would end up shoving a plunger up peaches ass, while that would be happening all the koopas whould side with the ninga turtels and kill luigi, but they couldn't get to mario casue he used a special cock sheild while he was fucking peach. Is that some sort of recruiting technique where you jump to see who you would hire? Princess Daisy vs. Blaze the Cat 3. Which sidekicks who are cowards and the brothers to the main heroes in red will win? There are so many factors in this match up! If Luigi actually decides to actively participate in the fight, he'd make taking down Mario look like a walk in the World 1-1. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Mario will never know what hit him. Feb 26, 2016 . Who do you think will WIN? Followers. 15:00. 2: I'd say Paper Mario>Mario. Both are in their Post-Mushroom state. 0. Overkill! Juniors Toons. 0 1. 6 years ago | 1.7K views. 1399 Views. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! I meant the total team scores of Mario vs Luigi. Pre Battle . He believes Mario is better than him, and thus will be afraid to face him in combat. 3139 Views. 60 SECONDS! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. luigi has a higher jump mario is stronger mario and luigi dont fight unless they are force to do it like in smash bros\r\n\r\nthey could each win by different reasons \r\nluigi has a higher jump\r\nmario is stronger zaowie. Follow. Find out in 60 quick seconds! offline. They're brothers, and they love each other. Also, Luigi can jump higher, therefore his kung fu is stronger. Save Cancel. Luigi. Super Mario Bros. vs Freedom Planet! This isn't an easy question, goddammit, and so it doesn't have an easy answer, but Christ, there's more 1-sentence replies here than a Supes VS Goku fight. Collab Gameplay. Response to ~mario Vs Sonic~ Who Would Win? 0. The misconception that their last names are both Mario is a relic of a live action movie from the 90's that had little to nothing to do with the actual Mario canon. Luigi is taller, faster, stronger and probably is a better fighter but his cowardliness prevents him from using this to his advantage. 0. The two would never fight. Luigi is slightly more athletic than Mario, but he is a lot more cowardly. This is his time to prove himself. When the thin façade of brotherly love finally crumbles, only one man will be left standing. Luigi, because his recovery is better than mario's in smash. Running and jumping are the primary weapons of the bros. Mario's only advantage in this fight is Luigi's lack of self-confidence. Plus they're brothers, so that will make Luigi want to fight even less. In both Luigi's Mansion games, Luigi defeated creatures that had kidnapped Mario. 60 Seconds! Luigi is regularly overshadowed by his brother, who bears the family name not once, but twice, because Mr. and Mrs. Mario were apparently the absolute worst with names. Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez (miley would use the secret powers hidden in her dads mullet to win) 6. That's not very clear, and I wouldn't consider it anywhere close to 7/10. Posted February 28, '08 1:02am UTC. Where is his Princess? Gods of Egypt Official Trailer Written by zaowie. In New Super Mario Bros., if you can't beat the level after so many tries as Mario, Luigi comes out and does it for you flawlessly. Holy shit, can you imagine? 0. dude noone would win because bomberman and megaman would team up to kill them all! 7 years ago. You are indeed where you belong. Destination: Inkwell Isle 2 (Cuphead) And if we go by the popularity metric, then the 'green-haired step-child' Luigi could maybe tangle with Shy-Guy, and that's a maybe. Match up: 1. He also may be hestitant to fight his brother, but I think he will get over that hesitation sooner than Luigi and ultimately win. Resetti. I'm unaware of any normal Mario feats on the level of beating Bonetail, Bleck, Dimentio, etc. Tier lists aren't everything. In a world where wishes can totally fucking come true (citation required), this guy wishes simply to be as good as his brother? It's hard to imagine the size of the ocean of resentment Luigi must have inside him as time after time he is stuck single-handed running the plumbing business because the Princess has run off with been kidnapped by Bowser again and Mario goes on yet another adventure where he can simply pick up the gold coins Luigi has to struggle to earn. The Battle is taking place in mushroom kingdom and mobius fusion. My evidence would be these tier lists for competitive Smash. Luigi is documented as being able to take down as much as 3 opponents at the same time in a wide variety of contests of physical strength, dexterity, speed, and hand to hand combat among others without even lifting a finger!! Essentially he's more motivated. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Who would win between the whimsical Italian plumber and the fastest hedgehog and Mario's brother and the double-tailed fox? Tier list is a horrible way at looking at this. Games. In Mario 64 DS, Mario was defeated by a rather large goomba while Luigi was defeated by a boo. ... LET'S PLAY MARIO & LUIGI ABENTEUER BOWSER PART 52_ ABRECHNUNG MIT KRANKFRIEDA. Devil Mario VS Sonic.EXE by TreyDaGoat ... Well, look at it like this, while Devil Mario killed harmless Toads and Luigi, one of his only tough opponents, Sonic. If you appreciate the VS Battles wiki, and can afford it, please make a donation to help keep our forum running, so we can continue to work hard to improve on the reliability of … who would win in a fight mario or luigi. Nintendo vs Sega! He's sick of standing in his brothers shadow. MELEE!!!! This my updated Question. 1 Winner: Mario Mario would win a battle against Link, even if it is by a close margin. I like Luigi better, but Mario would most likely win in a fight. I give it to him. Mario vs Lilac is Peep4Life's one hundred and sixth DBX! ONE MINUTE MELEE! Cory_Donald. Film. Where is all his gold and cape that lets him fly? Press J to jump to the feed. NO RESEARCH! It would be a close fight, but unless you counted Dr. Mario as a valid version of Mario, Luigi clearly takes it in the majority of cases. When the gloves are off, green is superior. User blog:Luigi4747/Who would win episode 1: Mario vs. Sonic | Fantendo - Nintendo Fanon Wiki | Fandom FANDOM Cuphead vs Super Mario! Nomad. Luigi is regularly overshadowed by his brother, who bears the family name not once, but twice, because Mr. and Mrs. Mario were apparently the absolute worst with names. Sanjaya vs. david archuleta ( sanjaya because i dont know the other guy) 7. NO RULES JUST BLOODSHED DBX Another quest. His own princess for example, like you said. 1 Description 2 Intro 3 Fight 4 Conclusion Season 8 Episode 1! base mario can sling around bowser; i don't know of any luigi feats that are on par. WHERE ALL THE FIGHTS ARE SETTLED IN 60 SECONDS! He probably dealt with it well at first, but after the second or third time the resentment will have started to set in. And dammit, the Mario song is catchier! Luigi has spent decades playing second-fiddle, so is it that hard to imagine that he'd get angry enough to throw down with his brother? Find out in 60 quick seconds! Mario was first seen in 1981s Donkey Kong.Soon after, Mario and Luigi were plumbers defeating creatures in the New York sewers in Mario Bros. (1983). Also, Luigi can jump higher, therefore his kung fu is stronger. Using your … They're pretty equal, with the only difference being Luigi has slightly higher jumps, but less controlled movement. Who would win in a Battle – Mario or Luigi, there’s only one way to find out – VOTE! Luigi braved an entire haunted mansion, how dare you question his bravery! LuigiVS Tails is the 32nd episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Luigi from the Super Mario series and Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog series in a battle between iconic video game sidekicks. 4 Trivia 2 Fighters! He wants to become a great plumber, just like his brother Mario. User Lists: 0 Randalgansen. Point is, Luigi would never want to overthrow his brother, he's just way too nice of a guy to do it. Luigi can run on water, he's basically Jesus. | He wants to become a great plumber, just like his brother Mario. WHERE ALL THE FIGHTS ARE SETTLED IN 60 SECONDS! No research! When the two worlds collides. This is some Elsa/Anna shit, with probably a comparable amount of Rule 34 shit out there. Mario, on the other hand, is no coward and has much more experience than Luigi. Silavite. It's not a wish for power, or a wish to surpass his brother. Team Mario vs Team Fairy Tail! Who would win between Mario's brother and the double-tailed fox? I don't anything about the Mario vs. Luigi matchup in Smash Bros., but you can't base it all on the tier list. No items allowed. 2005-08-15 14:55:06 At 8/11/05 03:41 AM, Fragment wrote: Well, the Master Chief could kick both their asses. Let's Play Tug The Table Mario VS Luigi Who Will Win? Mario would tire quicker. Mario has shown up in far more games and merchandise, but Luigi has had plenty of time to shine on his own. is luigi really stronger? Mario needs you to win the tournament fight against his friend Luigi! 269 posts. Based off the fact that it is taking place on Final Destination, Luigi wins. Luigi is also more durable, he was able to pretty much shrug off getting throw very far distances. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Mario might… Mario forming his own team and Sonic also forming his own team. Pre Battle . An icon of mainstream gaming takes on a protagonist of the indie games circuit- who would win a fight?

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