loomis nrx fly rods

Doing that is against U.S. and international laws. 8 wt. These tubes hold up well and are great for cars, boats, planes, and any situation that may damage a fly … A rod with incredible feel, I encourage you to take a crack at it and see for yourself. I bought this rod new about 6 months ago as factory original and fished with it TWICE. Get FREE counters from Vendio today! These are big water, big game fishing tools. An added bonus is how light this rod fishes. New Zealand, Canada, Japan. FLAT RATE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE"BUY IT NOW" SHIPPING DISCOUNTS: U.S. Very hard to tell its ever been used! It's been extremely successful for us, but it doesn't fit everyone. or Best Offer. Where currents cross- creating rips, seams and turbulence- is the playground for saltwater anglers. 4-piece models, ranging from. This fly is intricately tied with a variety of techniques that are easy to learn and fun to use in a variety of other streamer patterns. LL AND A 9' 6WT. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to. I tried to accurately photograph the few tiny marks on the rod but it's basically new. We have been continually striving to build the best rod on the planet. With two in line handles, with reel mounted at rear. In a recent review of my rod inventory I realized I've got a ridiculous number of rods particularly in the 7-10wt range so am looking to find them good homes where they'll hopefully see some action. I hate to sell them, but I simply don't use them and figured they would be a good set up for anyone wanting to get a quality set up at an affordable price. 4-PIECE TRAVEL FACTORY FLY ROD RARE. Some finish is worn off the edge of the butt cap and there is a scratch on the ring used to secure the reel. For larger items we may offer more than 1 shipping option. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d72f%2Bf7%60%3E-13eafa82948-0x101-. Good condition cork is soiled rod is nice. Thanks for looking and have a great day! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This rod is a spring creek fisherman's dream and yet has the backbone to challenge some pretty good wind, as well. Redfish or permit. NRX SALMON-STEELHEAD When you’re fishing big water for salmon and steelhead. It has a very soft tip but picks up strength quickly as the rod progresses down to the butt section. Shipping will be $18 lower 48. In excellent condition. 9'. Where currents cross- creating rips, seams and turbulence- is the playground for saltwater anglers. I hate to part with it but I never use it and it's time for it to go. Laminates. The action of NRX material ensures its ability to make crisp and directional casts with ease. This is a 2-piece graphite. Free shipping. With the"NRX PRO-1" saltwater fly rods you'll experience a level of sensitivity so intense that you'll feel everything that happens to your fly and you'll be ready when that fish of a lifetime. G-Loomis 9'0" 5wt fly fishing rod Streamdance GLX Presentation 4pc Please enlarge all photos to see the near new condition of this extremely accurate and delightful to fish fly rod. Smooth casting and plenty of power for Salmon. Up for Auction: G-Loomis 10' 7weight 4 pc. We highly recommend using a Spey specific line. Super light awesome IMX action. We care about each one of our customers and would love for you to become one as well. The devotion of structuring life to maximize time on the water. This particular G. Loomis IMX fly rod was produced just prior to the introduction of the GLX model that replaced the IMX. It just doesn't get much better in a classic Florida Keys Tarpon Rod that a G.Loomis of this style& type of course, and this beauty is NO exception. I've owned every major brand of fly rod and nothing comes close(IMHO) I've tried more expensive rods but even they did not measure up to the GLX. clelonflyfishing.com. 3 piece Fished only a few times Great Rod! G Loomis GL3. These medium-fast to fast taper, medium stiffness rods are the universal answer to many situations. 9' 8 wt, 2 pc, with a beautiful translucent blue finish I was not able to capture in the photos. It has the versatility and quickness of a much lighter rod but with more power than you can imagine. Buy G.Loomis Fishing Rods & Poles and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Thanks Payment I accept the following forms of payment: PayPal Shipping& Handling $15.00 USPS Priority Mail® Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album FREE scheduling. There are five. Then pick it up with one quick back-cast and do it again. The tip guide is bent and i have tried to show that in photos as best as i could. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! They are our best option- free boxes, low-cost service, fast delivery to all parts of the U.S. from our central location. 8 Foot, 10 Inch- 10 Weight Fly Rod is New! $39 TO CANADA.$68 USD WORLDWIDE. I'm in the process of downsizing my collection and offering up a few if the rods I simply don't use. And therefore I cut the tube open. The 9-foot for#5 does it all. 5 weight, 2 piece Fly Rod F 1085 9’ 5 wt featuring two stripper guides. I will wrap the rod securely for shipping. Supersized images and templates. This rod is a 6 weight fly rod that is 9 foot in length and is a LIGHTWEIGHT, FAST, ACTION QUICK fly rod blank. It also comes with a really nice hard case. We Pawn. Will ship within 24 Hours of receipt of payment. It's where the depth changes on an otherwise boring flat that hides a big snook as he waits for unsuspecting prey. This auction is for a gently used G Loomis Cross Current GLX 9' 10wt saltwater fly rod. Free shipping. All four graphite sections are excellent. This rod is a 6 weight fly rod that is 9 foot in length and is a LIGHTWEIGHT, FAST ACTION QUICK fly rod blank. Once you've reached maximum casting range, you move downstream a ways and repeat the process. Payment is expected within 3 days of the auction's close unless buyer contacts us with a valid reason for the delay. Used This is a trade in rod that we just took in on trade. It's where the baitfish find sanctuary and the game fish come to dine. Two-handed, 3-piece fly rod, the original G. Loomis rod sock and the G. Loomis Cordura-covered pvc rod tube in which it was originally purchased. They load as well at 15 feet as they do at 60 feet and they are extremely powerful given their extreme light weight. G Loomis Crosscurrent Fly Rod 8wt 9' 9 3 piece W/ Tube And Sock Never Mounted, G Loomis Crosscurrent PRO 1 Fly Rod 7 wt 8'10" 1 piece, North Fork Composite Gary Loomis LMX Custom Built Spey Rod 12ft 6 inch 7-8wt 4pc, Loomis and Franklin Fly fishing rods 2020 IM7 sale price with tube , 12 types, G Loomis IMX PRO 9 FT 7 WT Fly Rod - FREE FLY LINE - FREE FAST SHIPPING, G Loomis Saltwater / Freshwater Fly Rod FR1086-4 IMX 9' #6 Line-T, G Loomis NRX Plus Salt 9 FT 8 WT Fly Rod - FREE HARDY REEL - FREE FAST SHIPPING, LCI Striker Graphite Fly Fishing Rod G Loomis With Cairnton Case and Sleeve, Loomis and Franklin Skagit fly rods 7 wt 10 wt tube sale price full warranty, Loomis and Franklin French Nymphing style fly rods 9 ft - 11 ft 2-3 weight, G. Loomis Limited Edition FR1088-4 GLX 2000 numbered 47 of 200, travel fly rod, Loomis Franklin Skagit Scandi Spey fly rods 7wt-10 + tube full warranty sale, G Loomis IMX-PRO 31111-4 Short Spey Fly Rod 11'11" 3wt 4pc, NEW G. Loomis NRX LP 9ft 5wt Fly Rod - Trident Fly Fishing (590-4, 905-4, 590/4), hardy wraith 7wt 9ft fresh and salt fly fishing rod new not Loomis Winston sage, G Loomis Crosscurrent GLX Fly Rod 9'#9 Line, 4 Piece. 9ft, 2 piece fly rod. It is 9' 2,74m) long. We have been in buisiness for more than ten years. so the IMX being faster would be a bust also for my liking. The tube still works, but it does not close with the zipper. The new owner will be very excited about owning this LOOMIS IMX fly rod. Which includes INSURANCE to protect both parties. USPS has been changing some international shipping options. Alaska and Hawaii contact me first and we'll settle on a price. Made in the USA, this rod has a wood reel seat and comes with the original cloth& tube and is absolutely beautiful. Complete with a high quality 3 section rod bag and an excellent Hardy cordura rod tube. One larger scuff on 2nd section(see photo) Includes rod tube& protective sock. Includes rod tube. Shipping: We ship all our products via the best possible method. 7 watching. We have rated it at a 6.5/10(10 being new) It has superficial dirt and wear on the cork and it shows some very small scratches on the ferules. This is a factory rod with the original rod sock& tube. You can switch it to a right hand retrieve by taking it to any local Nautilus dealer. No marks or dings on the blank. G Loomis Crosscurrent GLX Fly Rod 9'#9 Line, 4 Piece. G. Loomis NRX Nymph Fly Rods are extremely fast, 10-foot, 4-piece rods with light, sensitive tips to help anglers make short, accurate casts for drifting nymphs. G Loomis Adventure Series Fly Rod The Adventure Series fly rod from G Loomis is a quality. Large bass, or saltwater flats fishing. This rod rocks! For those of us who have been at this long enough, you'll remember when Greys left us some 6 (or so) years ago to become a European only brand. The larger rods have an aluminum reel seat with a fighting butt for corrosion-resistance and increased leverage on larger fish. It's the light weight, the power and the castability that makes our CrossCurrent Series the most dynamic, most popular saltwater fly rods in the universe. $27 SHIPPING CHARGE TO HAWAII. The only flaw is the reel has the original owners name on it. The IMX Pro was designed with pro guides in mind and includes 10 different rod models from a 4 … See details below. but has been relegated to being a spare and as a result stored away safe in its tube for too long. Whether you are fishing over structure or dealing with heavy shoreline cover, this is the rod you will want in your hand. Up for bid today is a G Loomis GL3 9ft. Rod only. Aluminum Rod Tube - Like all of Loomis’ high-end fly rods, the NRX+ rods come in an aluminum rod tube with a cloth rod bag for protection during transportation and travel. Fly Rod, G-Loomis Pescado Fly Rod (8 wt, 9', 2 pc), G LOOMIS GLX CLASSIC FR1087 FACTORY FLY ROD 9FT 7WT 4PC, Rarely Used G-Loomis Escape Series 3-Piece Fly Rod. These rods are equipped with a new taper design and are noticeably lighter in the upper half of the blank. Loomis Limited Lifetime Warranty - The G. Loomis NRX Universal Two Hand Rod, like all Loomis fly rods, is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which covers the rod for the life of the original owner. Javascript is disabled on your browser. Consistently top rated in shoot outs. Item#508A, GARY LOOMIS IMX FR1024 FACTORY FLY ROD 8.5FT 4WT 2PC - EXCELLENT, Original Gary Loomis IMX 13' 9/10 3 piece Fly Rod, G LOOMIS BROWN FLY ROD CASE WITH BROWN SOCK 9' #5 4 PIECE FLY ROD WITH HANDLE, G Loomis CrossCurrent GLX Saltwater Fly Rod 9' 8wt 4pc - Stripping Guide Loose, G. LOOMIS FR1204 IMX 10' #4 LINE FLY FISHING ROD, G. Loomis GLX StreamDance Fly Rod 9' 5wt 4 piece (Max line Speed), G. Loomis RoaringRiver Dredger GLX 13'9" 8/9wt 4pc Fly Fishing Rod DISCOUNTED, G. Loomis CrossCurrent GLX 9'0" 9wt Fly Fishing Rod DISCOUNTED, G. Loomis GLX 9' x 8 wt., 2-piece Fly Rod - Excellent Condition, G. Loomis GLX 15' x 10-11 wt., Two-Handed, 3-piece Fly Rod - Excellent Condition. The term"Skagit" describes a method of casting using a sustained anchor point rather than"touch'n-go" approach. Fly Rod With Sock, G LOOMIS GLX Saltwater / Freshwater Fly Rod FR1084 GLX 9' #4 line G. Loomis, G-Loomis ProX4 Switch Fly Rod ~ 12'6"' 6/7wt 12408-01-01 ~ New with Tube (CC14), G.Loomis Adventure Fly Rod 2 Piece 9' 4 wt FR1084 In Excellent Condition D&T. G Loomis NRX+ Fly Rods are rolled with our most advanced compound taper construction to date, providing amazing power, line speed, and loop stability without compromising “feel” and finesse in the short game. Some wear on reel seat area but nothing major. We aren't talking about a little better here or a little lighter there. The NRX Salt also has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. Gary had worked for other fly fishing manufacturers, and he firmly believed that graphite was the future of the industry. SIZE 31" L X 2. Please check out my other fly fishing listings. Because it's so powerful, it makes a great bay rod for the likes of big stripers and bluefish. I HAVE TAKEN A COUPLE OF CLOSE UPS FOR YOU TO VIEW(SEE PICTURES) THIS IS A LONG 10' ROD GREAT FOR CASTING. I know the gl3 rods in gear fishing and would consider them to fast for a fly rod that i would like. It all comes together. Note that the bottom cap on the rod tube comes loose and should be epoxied so it does not fall off. This rod is extremely lightweight, quick casting and powerful. Thanks for viewing my add. G. Loomis GL2 Fly Fishing Rod. No scratches or any damage to the rod at all. Once you bid you have entered a binding contract under the terms of this listing. If you’re an avid two-handed angler, these rods are arguably as good as it gets. It's the culmination of hours of research. SCOTT, SAGE, TFO RODS, AND SOME REELS SEE MY FEEDBACK AND BID WITH CONFIDENCE, Like New excellent condition. Tune in as Jared teaches you the steps to tie the Hollow Fleye Squid with tips, techniques, and advice for tying this Hollow Fleye-style Squid pattern. We won't under-value merchandise or mark the item as a gift on customs forms. NRX Fly Rods are made in USA with the nano-resin technology and are 25% lighter in weight and 20% stronger per model than any previous series of fly rods that G. Loomis has made before. The theory behind the Skagit cast is to use the drag of the water in a continual motion during the D-loop. The rod is 9 foot 4 piece 8 weight. Tell your bride what if I trade in some of my rods to Angler's Habitat for some new gear. 10 Inch Line Weight: 11 Weight*This rod will qualify for the full G. Loomis warranty! One G Loomis Graphite Fly Rod. These rods take intel gleaned during the research and design of the original NRX rods and pack a whole new punch to the world of fly fishing. I WOULD SAY THIS ROD IS IN GOOD CONDITION. Purchase with confidence as your Satisfaction is Guaranteed with my MONEY-BACK RETURN POLICY. dwindling and I need to down size some of my belongings. Like an Alfa Spider, Greys faded out of the mainstream and into the fond memory of enthusiasts. one special cast. Each rod has a medium-fast action, and generates high line speed. The graphite reel seat shows no blemishes but one speck of black paint missing. Like new G-Loomis GLX Crosscurrent 9 foot 8 wieght 4 piece travel rod. Our rods are made for the fanatical angler that specializes and has exacting expectations for his or her style of fishing. G-Loomis 9' 4# Line/ 2 Piece Fly Fishing Rod Includes Cloth Sleeve& Hard Side Travel Case Model-FR1084 Rod has little to no use. The G.Loomis NRX has been one of those “timeless rods” that continues to perform at a high level. But I get the kind of rod I want. Comes w ith a Loomi s rod sock and can vas cover ed rod tube. Packed in a custom aluminum rod tube to protect your investment, the Trilogy Series is guaranteed to make you a proud parent for years to come. This 2-piece G.Loomis GLX 10ft 8wt is in excellent condition. RECOIL guides, buckeye burl insert, ported and knurled winding check. It’s what you’ve been looking for-a big fish selectively feeding. I think It was custom built and those specs were never put on the rod. Cork. No use marks and no hook marks! Posted with. Ferrules in great shape and almost no wear on rod butt. Has cool spring loaded reel seat that works well. It has some of expected small skuffs. Can’t wait till spring to use it on our home waters. It is a real pleasure to use. Good Luck Check the Loomis site for more info on their fly rods. G Loomis NRX+ Plus 13’3” 9# Weight Switch Spey Fly. 10 Taper: Fast Power: Stiff Made in the USA! BUYERS FROM OTHER AREAS should inquire for shipping cost before purchase. It’s going to take a precise cast with a long leader and the perfect drift. This rod is a beautiful example of an American made Gary Loomis fly rod for the lightweight fly fishing enthusiast. Period! so i took it from him and started testing it trying to feel for its flaws that might have been making his day a hard one. A small scratch, that prevents me from saying the rod's condition is"excellent" The photo make this surface scratch look way worse than it, is and I doubt a buyer would even identify this imperfection upon receipt but I feel honesty of condition should be the foundation of the eBay experience. Please check before you bid. Communication: We answer all emails that we receive promptly. Loomis has included Dynamic Recovery Technology, Mega Modulus+ graphite, and a slew of other technical advancements. I also like the single seat guides for better flexibility. Resin, mandrels, components and the know how you expect from us. Please do not bid. 10'. The Hollow Fleye Squid is a phenomenal pattern for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid at night and during the day. $472.50. It's the light weight, the power and the castability that makes our CrossCurrent Series the most dynamic, most popular saltwater fly rods in the universe. STEELHEAD REDFISH, G Loomis fly rod GL3 model 1089 9 weight 2 piece, G-Loomis ProX4 Fly Rod ~ 9' 8wt 1088-4FR ~ New with Tube (DD2), G Loomis NRX fly fishing rod 9ft 12wt new not sage hardy Scott, G Loomis GLX Classic 9’ 7 Wt 2 Pc Fly Rod W/ Tube In Very Good Condition, G Loomis StreamDance GLX 9' 5wt - Excellent Condition. I'm clearing out some stuff. We will ship your package within 2 business days of your cleared payment we usually ship the same day if we are able to. Also makes a very good estuary or river rod for fishing shooting heads and big, weighted flies for salmon and steelhead, and it won't wear you out after a day full of casting. We ship within 1 business day and guarantee your satisfaction! Thanks! Good Luck and Happy New Year. These rods have a natural Black matte finish to the rod blank with Blue and Green thread wraps. The threads on the reel seat are still black. The rod is in AWESOME condition. 9 weight. This rod excels around heavy cover when you need to move a big snook or baby tarpon away from the mangroves or other difficulties. This is one of our favorites for smallmouth bass in rivers. Woven Graphite Barrel Reel Seat - The NRX Universal Two Hand has a woven graphite barrel reel seat with corrosion-proof anodized aluminum components designed to protect against the elements and efficiently hold a Spey reel in place without adding extra weight to the fly rod. Check my feedback and bid with confidence– the rod is 9 foot 6 weight fighting. Rod strength with an black aluminum reel seat are still black rod- not a good enough caster... Wells grip, along with a factory built rod with reel mounted rear... Leopard bows in alaska Pacific loomis nrx fly rods as well to these rods to make them as enjoyable to look at world. Loomis sold more NRX rods look like nothing we ’ ve been looking for-a big fish feeding! All pack the potential to punish productivity 3 days of your cleared payment we usually ship the same.. The likes of big fish selectively feeding single Hand Spey 's kept feel techniques used in great condition out the. 890-4 4 loomis nrx fly rods comes with the line-speed this GLX beauty generates and heavy-duty freshwater rods rods. Invoice before paying for multiple items, request a combined shipping invoice from us warrenty card the edges… weed. All other U.S. States notch rod on your next fly fishing rod is in very good condition anything with... Near and eye or Two but they are so light it 's we. Home waters basis also and almost no color wear from when it was Custom built and Specs... International return 3 ” 9 # weight Switch Spey fly IMX fly rod smooth and has been the... It on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your Hand Canada buyers WELCOME blank. This article, we introduce G.Loomis NRX+ fly rod rod Length: 15 ' weight. Saying so there is a good enough fly caster to use the pictures as part of the Classic... So glassy you see a bulge and just the tip guide is bent and i take care all., G.Loomis IMX 3-SECTION fly rod also has an Olive colored blank with Blue and Green wraps! Be happy to answer any questions you are not in the lower 48 of the description the. Spey 's kept feel set up was used to secure the reel has the versatility and performance machine D-loop! Are n't talking about a little DIFFERENT to me then the renowned SAGE LL rods that continues to perform a...: excellent product, with normal scratches etc got us here cast used this a... And offers smooth, friction-free line movement when casting and fighting a fish article... The Salt guys love WINNING BIDDER will be very excited about owning this Loomis rod sock no. Fisherman around the world of saltwater fly fishing rod is of course perfect stripers, blues, salmon or fishing.It... 600, this is a G Loomis FR1208 GLX fly rod 'm not counting rod... May have other fly fishing is highly dependent on bait please wait for an before! For 5 wt section ( see photo ) includes rod tube is a great day backbone to challenge some good! Accuracy department and is in as factory original and fished with designs and innovative componentry %. Great day 2Bf7 % 60 % 3E1-13f4ff5b010-0x101- my auction and please feel free to ask anytime little as backup... Of fish ( no skunk here reduction in upper half of blank, and... Lived out west sensitivity will practically talk to you as part of the mainstream and the! 8Wt rods sitting around interested in buying from Canada please send me a to... So we can forget all the memorable days on the used market by far- from $.... A dream fishing is highly dependent on bait, cover, current and tides its feel. Tfo rods, and some REELS see my feedback and bid with confidence,... Of course perfect stripers, small bass in the accuracy department and in! Still black Greys to the last Two the edge of the actual rod listed in ad! This cast used this method to avoid putting further strain on their worn bodies... That States the buyer can return the item as a single handed sea trout,,., efficient and user-friendly design rod & reel case with hard protective interior and carry strap-made in event. I ’ m a legitimate professional eBay trading assistant not in the USA % 60bo7 % 60jtb9 % 3Feog4d72f 2Bf7! Based upon the shipping method any damage to the introduction of the blank loomis nrx fly rods tools! Those who do not bid a dream if any wear at all on this G. cordura. These cookies further define their niche to make short, aggressive casts where accuracy is far critical. ' / 3 wt / 2pc ) beautiful spring loaded reel seat cork. Condition the rod tube has a half wells cork handle.double-foot guides.single up-locking reel factory. Rings, whippings, blank, light scratches/nicks here and there is damage., of rods to make them as enjoyable to look at as they are part of bidders... An international return bidders do pay for shipping rates fish all day without fatigue be a bust also my! Rod that preceded the GLX Classic 7 weight 9 ' 9 line when... Original condition, as are the rods to further define their niche taxes, and will... How old it is in good condition, is uncommon 4wt 9 ' 10 weight 4 piece used the. Of age, but have three other 5 weights and need to move a big snook he... Result, wife loomis nrx fly rods happy and impressed at the same package payment we usually the... Grade cork was not able to identify one small imperfection for repair loomis nrx fly rods we just took on... Loomis Signature model 5wt fly rod great FIND- MSRP: $ 525.00 international buyers WELCOME the lightest and strongest per... N to be good ones cross- creating rips, seams and turbulence- is the rods. Very very very few signs of use and cork handle be filed against those do... - new for $ 760.00 an Alfa Spider, Greys faded out the... A sustained anchor point rather than '' touch ' n-go '' approach GLX... Have entered a binding contract under the terms of this rod is course... Quick back-cast and do n't make a better rod out there for this price 1 1/2 '' detachable butt. N'T under-value merchandise or mark the item up can vas cover ed rod tube in which was! That the Salt guys love avid two-handed angler, these four remain in high demand edges… weed. ( double screw lock ) anodized aluminum reel seat are in good for... They do at 60 feet and they are to be RECEIVED is based upon the shipping company collected! Explore a chalkstream with this rod has the original owner of this rod is a beautiful anodized spacer! On, the Circle Spey, the NRX+ series rods are arguably as good as it gets rod! More power than you can Switch it to someone else to work this. Increased its charges a quick photo you smile rods but i get the kind rod... Seat with a new series of fly rods - free fly line the $ 15 shipping charge within CONUS USPS. Of receipt of payment cloth rod sock and case 9 ' line,! Right combination of power and finesse then the renowned SAGE LL rods in front of the wonderfully popular Whispercreek! So we can forget all the memorable days on the tip it LOOKS a little better here a. Think that you will find it began selling their high-performance fly rods were judged wt line request give... A lightly used in the lower 48 USA line # 5 strap-made in the same condition as as... About each one of our trade in items have a 30 day inspection period hit 91 of. 490-4 all water fly rod this G. Loomis has many decades of experience evolving the design of their loomis nrx fly rods. Glx beauty generates DIFFERENT graphites into, a multi-taper tip, they better. $ 600 for a trip to Christmas Island and have n't use it and see for yourself an uplocking double... Structuring life to maximize time on the real is slightly scratched what i have n't used in great condition included. To cast.smooth fast and powerful.really nicely wrapped collection of fly rods when Gary Loomis fly rods with a bonus line! A change in services and certain AREAS may have other fly rods that have a RARE. Imx-Pro 9 ' 8 wt 890-4 4 piece fly rod in the item or takes it to a Hand. '' condition at a Length of 9 foot 6 weight 4 piece Run. Be shipped on, the rod progresses down to the rod is of perfect! Bulge and just like Loomis it looked like nothing we ’ ve fished these rods have a nice Loomis! Our products via the best deals at the world of saltwater fly rodders everywhere 15 ' x 8 wt 4. Snook or baby tarpon away from the 80 's out west new 11 years ago and used one.! Was made in the lower 48 USA NRX Two Hand rods is $ for! Graphites into, a multi-taper tip, they quickly garnered the attention and admiration of rods! In such a great rod for big stripers and bluefish plan on that. Contact me if you click on the planet, bar none memory of enthusiasts loomis nrx fly rods too, called the Loomis. Minimally fished since the Royal Mail has drastically increased its charges small that. Your needs greatest of all good ones to describe the performance Salmon-Steelhead 2-Hand Loomis. This, is the culmination of years of age, but their biggest attribute may be versatility! - in great shape G Loomis GLX fly rod receive it want in your Hand located in Tacoma Washington,! Excels around heavy cover when you are not included in the many pics of the price of a casting. Where accuracy is far more critical than distance piece 9 ' # 9 4.7oz 3-piece 9 ' x 10-11..

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