how to write a good love triangle

So before you feel like your love life is turning into The Bermuda Triangle, check out my top three tips for exiting a love triangle: Tip #1: Be Blunt. Your protagonist should have legitimate reasons for loving both suitors and for not being able to choose one over the other right away. They add intrigue to a romantic plotline. Does the existence or the outcome of your love triangle support your theme? As the narrative develops the two date and it becomes obvious that Daniel is not overly suitable for her. It shows just how good a love story can be when it ditches the creeps and focuses on the fundamentals instead. However, writing from a third-person omniscient perspective gives you the freedom to explore the other two prongs of the love triangle. Why is X more suitable for the protagonist than Y? Is this your first crack at writing and finishing your book? Character A loves both suitors (B and C), but can only choose one to b with. (typically not). Make sure that you’re not resting the story solely on the love triangle and instead using it to escalate the stakes, protagonist‘s goals and dramatic tension. Are they flawed? In today’s post, I’m sharing my top 10 tips to help you write better, more realistic, swoon-worthy love triangles that readers will adore. Are they likeable? As a result, each love triangle will carry a different weight, too. In Twilight, Bella’s relationship with Edward takes center stage, but there’s still a lot going on around them. To pin-point an exact moment is difficult as Bridget sees her second love interest Daniel throughout. The Love Interests Are Connected. How will this conflict affect the protagonist? If one of the LT’s participants is a weakly developed character, he or she will put a hurting on the effectiveness of the entire triangle. It’s a great addition to the Story Grid Love Story tools. All of these things are what help you create a push-pull dynamic that results in a compelling, and believable, love triangle. He is the ideal match for her. Today we're talking about one of the most-hated tropes in romance fiction: THE LOVE TRIANGLE. The ‘meet cute’ occurs when Miles arrives at the house Iris is staying at with his girlfriend. What kind of people would the suitors be? We can assess that for the majority of these first love interest interactions, the characters do not directly convey their attractions to one another. This pretty much applies to any type of storytelling. Just today I wrote an outline for a short book I've been meaning to write for a while, it flows pretty well for now, but I have a few minor bugs I wanna get rid of before I really start writing, hers a short form of one part I'm unsure of. You need to know your character inside and out. At some point, your protagonist will have to choose who they want to be with. It is important to know who you want your protagonist to end up with. Despite both being suitable, they tend to be very different. Audiences crave character, not characterizations. Utilize the unknown possibilities sparingly and effective. But first, let’s make sure that we’re all on the same page about what makes a love triangle. We will highlight how love triangles are typically a plot device for romance films. Now, many of you are probably rolling your eyes at me right now. Relationships are flat without it. There’s also the whole situation with James and Victoria who want to kill her (no big deal, right?). As we’ve emphasised, there is no set narrative structure for how to write a love triangle. What will happen to them once the film is over? Love triangles get a bad rep, but they are becoming increasingly common in today’s YA books.

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