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In contrast to his brother, Canada is calm, shy, sensitive, and hates fighting, but it is said that he is a very strong fighter just like his brother, he even fought America to a draw and helped burn down Washington, D.C. when he was on the side with England (War of 1812). Human Names Since the counties human names are used in the headcanon posts, for 2p’s and Nyo characters, I will list the ones I use because they are not all canon. She enjoys the kawaii culture from Japan and likes to cosplay as well. He is one of the few characters who is not afraid of Russia; this is due to their longtime hostilities, which provided Poland with much knowledge on how to deal with him. First, it’s best to come up with the short name for your country, like Sealand, or Molossia. !," he states, "Yeah, but take a look at him and tell me you've never wanted to do the same thing." He dreams of living in a warm place surrounded by sunflowers and vodka is his fuel. Add to library 81 Discussion 26. He is also shown to be extremely intelligent in several fields. He has a greenish streak of paint across his face (Appearing more of a tan/red color in the anime), extending from his right cheek to his nose. His character design features dark brown eyes and black hair, common physical traits among Japanese people, and has the attire of an officer of the Japanese Navy. Spain is also disliked by Morocco because of Spain's interference on the Western Sahara question. She seems to be the only country who Russia fears. Persia always gloats to Rome about capturing his boss, Emperor Valerian. He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi who also voices America in the anime. India (インド) is a short, slender man with pale brown skin, dark brown hair parted at the middle, and amber eyes. Molossia is a fan-made character for the manga and anime series Hetalia. The phrase "vital regions" is a euphemism for the province of Silesia, which was acquired by the Kingdom of Prussia in 1741 during the War of the Austrian Succession. Heart. Around strangers, he assertively states his opinion and then is held back by extreme shyness, as shown when he first met Sweden. India also tends to support Tibet, much annoying China; he also has a hostile view towards Pakistan, who once belonged to him. Poland shows concern for those he cares about, as shown when he sees Lithuania's bruised back after his return from Russia, saying "There's a side to Lithuania I don't know about". Despite this, America retains a fear of what could be called dangerous magical creatures, particularly ghosts. He is voiced by Masatomo Nakazawa in Japanese and by David Matranga in English. Macau (マカオ) is a city and administrative region of China. Although his ideas for solving international problems are often absurd and he is usually oblivious to the opinions of others, it has been stated that he acts this way purposely. He is disliked by Cambodia for "trying to claim Cambodian history" and by Malaysia due to Siam's plan to absorb and Buddhistize the region. His hair is wavy and blond. Newspaper Club! She can't cook on her own and laments over her high cost of living. Picardy (ピカルディ) represents a northern region of France. 101K Views ( America ) Alfred F. Jones ( Fem!America ) Amelia E. Jones ( Australia ) Jett Kirkland ( Fem!Austria ) Jilli Kirkland ( Austria ) Roderich Edelstein In the 2011 Christmas Event, Bulgaria appears with Romania and seems to have been late due to a yogurt incident. - - - Thanks in advance! [citation needed]. Even though he is quite friendly towards Poland, Lithuania also holds an animosity towards him due to the Polish–Lithuanian War, in which Poland had occupied Vilnius and ruled it until being absorbed by Russia. Micronation Founding date Capital Population Status A1: 2008 Astolbia 40 Dissolved Al-Muqaddimah: 2014 Al Hijrah 24 Active Al Rasyid Darussalam: 2008 Bandar Rasyidin 2 Dissolved Asassin: 2006 Rangsedok 278 Active Alonia Berdikari: 2014 Varnufi City - Dissolved He is shown drinking tea while listening to his siblings fight. She was picked on by Mongolia and a younger Turkey (then called the Ottoman Empire); she has two mentioned ancestors, Hun and Magyar. While Romano argues with his younger brother a lot, he is protective of him and thus disapproves of Germany. I'm having a hard time choosing human names for the APH Micronations so maybe you could help me out. Alfred. A mysterious country that lives an isolated life in one of America's inland states, Nevada. March Forward, Sealand! Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] Luxembourg (ルクセンブルク Rukusenburuku) is a young man with short light brown hair with long bangs covering his right eye. Bulgaria then follows in hitting Italy. Spain (スペイン Supein) was once very powerful until poverty and war struck; nevertheless, he remained optimistic. Denmark is voiced by Hiroshi Shimozaki in Japanese and Montgomery Sutton (season 4) and Greg Ayres (season 5 onwards) in English. 2. This is the only time this character has been referred to. Lars Vilks, the founder of Ladonia, is part Latvian. Pretty much anything you could want to know about the countries, places, micronations, and ancient empires of Hetalia. He says "kolkolkol" to threaten his subordinates when he is angered. Iceland is voiced by Ayumu Asakura in Japanese and Jason Liebrecht in English. He calls China "sensei." By Othelle Watch. However, he replaces the customary -aru with the suffix -ahen, which means opium when speaking to England as a reference to the Opium Wars. He represents the Sasanian Empire along with the other early Persian Empires like the Achaemenid Empire and the Parthian Empire. Jump into the world of Hetalia! Mongolia (モンゴル) made his first appearance as a small chibi sketch, Mongolia is described to have terrorized countries such as China, Japan, Hungary, and Russia in their childhoods, but is now very poor and has to pay debts to Russia and China. Persian Empire (ペルシア) or Persia, comes off as a bit antagonistic towards Rome and they have a strong rivalry. He is depicted as a young man with monk attire and has a shaved head, referring to Tibetan Buddhist culture. She is also the most anxious of the nations as she repeatedly worries about world affairs and her economy. I will go all out and make it a little difficult adding a microtnation or two, Nyos and 2ps! England finds him irritating but that doesn't really concern Sealand at all. [citation needed]. Hutt River has one, unlike Australia. Hungary also swears that she would defend Poland from any dangers. Strips, when England shows the rest of the characters an Indian horror movie mixed with a spontaneous song and dance towards the climax scene (referencing a trope of Bollywood movies), which shocks and confuses everyone. In addition, she is said to be a good cook. Spain is shown to be comically incapable of reading the atmosphere and doesn't even bother to try. Sep 15, 2017 - The Micronations . Britain is most antagonistic towards France, with whom he shares a long historical rivalry, and has strong mixed feelings towards America and Ireland, his former charges. Now currently recruiting friends and countries that have recognized him as a country. Among England's other 'relations' are Sealand, a micronation whom England considers to be an annoying little brother due to his continued attempts to get other countries to recognize him as an independent country. He is very high-tech and is the owner of the strange "mochis," which are small, round, white creatures; each of them is like a certain country with the four that are usually shown being America, Italy, Canada, and England. Jump into the world of Hetalia! Nikko Nikko has a weird bird-thing, maybe a chicken? He is always oddly dazzling and far too free-thinking. She is very poor and often cannot afford to pay her gas and oil bills to Russia. He has been a good friend of America for nearly 180 years, enjoys a good relationship with Japan as well as England, who influenced him to modernize and transform himself. Poland also has a distant yet close relationship with Vietnam, due to the large Vietnamese population in Poland (which remains as the largest non-European community in Poland) among the Slavic world, and sometimes he enjoys Vietnam's noodles. It's in mostly alphabetical order, and includes micronations and Latin Hetalia. It is revealed in his profile in Volume 3 of the published manga that he owns a pet lion cub named Kokolo (ココロ, Kokoro). Poland has a strong belief that he can manage to unite several countries in Central and Eastern Europe based on Intermarium, although his idea gets opposed by many of his neighbors who think he is an imperialist. Norway is voiced by Masami Iwasaki in Japanese and Alex Organ in English. In the anime series, he is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in Japanese and Christopher Bevins in English. America is very similar in appearance to his brother, Canada, who is often mistaken for America. He is voiced by Jun Konno in Japanese and Chris Cason in English.[4]. He first appears in the story "In Just Two Minutes, You Can Grasp The Exterior of the European Economy" on a map describing the economic climate of Europe at the time. See also: Indonesian sector#Micronations inside Indonesian sector. He makes sexual passes at many characters. Wy is an artistic character who tries to act mature. According to Himaruya, Italy is strong, but because of his cowardice doesn't show his strength. She makes multiple appearances in Hetalia: World☆Stars arguing with Rome or admiring cats. He is protective of Iceland and is shown to care a lot about him. She desires to make friends in the West after her independence, but it appears she's struggling. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and thick eyebrows much like England's. Croatia (クロアチア Kuroachia) is a minor character. At first, Holy Rome takes Italy and forces him to become part of the empire. Although he has a tendency to act aggressively to other characters he encounters (in particular Italy and Japan), he can sometimes show a kinder side to his personality. He gets bullied the most by Russia due to his blunt nature, but is also the most dependent on him. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (北キプロス・トルコ共和国) sometimes referred to as TRNC or Northern Cyprus, appears as a young child and is Cyprus' younger brother. See more ideas about hetalia, anime, hetalia funny. Rome is said to have fallen in love with her at first sight though she's speculated not to have returned his interest. Cyprus is voiced by Toshiki Kurosawa in Japanese and Aaron Dismuke in English. 77 Comments. He first appeared in the Gakuen Hetalia strip "Carry On, Newspaper Club! When he shows up in Hetaween 2013, he's grown into an adult with a child of his own...while Sealand and Ladonia haven't changed at all. Moldova is very poor and often has to work and pay bills and debts for Russia, Ukraine and Romania. He also has the same respect for England, which is the reason why he wears his naval costume, although sometimes England feels annoyed for Japan's conquests in World War II. ^^ Some characters (for example Ancient Rome, Cuba, Holy Roman Empire, ect) aren't in this one, because their human names have not been announced yet, and I didn't want to use the fanmade names. Turkey (トルコ Toruko) is a Mediterranean country who is recognizable by the fact that he is usually seen wearing a mask around his eyes. ", which adapts the Volume 4 manga strip of the same name. He also has a strong dislike towards Spain because Spain often wants Gibraltar under his jurisdiction which England seriously disagrees on. Often enjoys picnics with Switzerland. He is famous in Australia and his house is pretty complex for a micronation. Hey, guys, i'm working on a One Piece AU story, and i'm about to introduce Wy. Lithuania is shown to be friends with Poland and America, having lived in the latter's house for a while before the Great Depression. Italy Veneziano (イタリアヴェネツィアーノ Itaria Veneziāno), usually shortened to just Italy (イタリア Itaria), is the primary protagonist and the title character, portrayed as a bright, energetic, and mostly sweet young man. She has been on a date with Seborga, but nothing is clear about the further relationship. Enjoy~! However, when in the presence of others, Molossia instantly turns aggressive and foul-mouthed. His boss was introduced as a green Chinese dragon with an intimidating appearance. Russia has a seemingly kind demeanor but has suffered mental trauma following the strain of his bloody history, and as a result has the innocence and cruelty of a child; sometimes he casts an aura of pure evil around him whenever such malicious thoughts enter his mind. During the Christmas 2011 event, he appears off-screen asking Belgium if she is okay as she has an uncomfortable dream about his old character design. Latvia (ラトビア) is the youngest of the three states. After pressing the issue, Cyprus asks if there has ever been a time they have had fun together, and is surprised to learn that they once had fun in a bathhouse. Most of the time, she is very energetic. Thailand was once formerly known as Siam, renowned for the country's lavish richness during the Siamese era and didn't enjoy good relations with his neighbors. Initial notes described him as a tsundere who is xenophobic and thinks little of using drugs, which may be referencing the semi-legality of soft-drug consumption in the Netherlands, and is hinted to have a lolicon fetish. Portugal is voiced by Yūichirō Umehara in Japanese. In the anime series, he is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto in Japanese and Patrick Seitz in English. [1] The characters were created by Hidekaz Himaruya, writer and illustrator of the webmanga series.[2]. However, despite his jovial personality, Turkey can be stubborn about trivial things. All Micronations. He once represented the Teutonic Knights, but eventually became Prussia after various stages in his life as a nation and in modern-day he represents the former East Germany and the present region of eastern Germany[13] Although one of the best-known catchphrases pertaining to him is the 'vital regions' catchphrase (due to its inadvertent sexual double-meaning), the first country to coin this was actually Austria in the webcomic Maria Theresa and the War of the Austrian Succession, when he said: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}. Your nations name is the first thing someone will hear about it, and first impressions matter. He is even more of a womanizer than Veneziano and Romano. A composed and carefree man that was originally an independent nation seated on a hilltop, before it became a part of Italy. Seychelles is described as a country girl with a big heart who can sometimes be sloppy. He has a monotone voice and dresses similarly to Turkey, though he is at times confused with Egypt because of their similar design. Wy was seen with a bunny in her first manga appearance. Hutt River is a tall male character with green Eyes and light brown wavy hair, he also has iconic eyebrows of English colonies. He is portrayed as a "loveable loser". He has a band-aid across his nose and is often depicted with an evil-looking koala. They are mentioned in the "America and the World Map" strip where America explains to England why Mexico on his map is "half-assed", stating that "It's because of my grudge over the Alamo". He made a small appearance inside of Canada's nightmare declaring his independence. I am writing this post as a guide to help you name your nation if you are starting out. He is often seen swearing and giving middle finger signs to other nations and micronations. Cyprus (キプロス Kipurosu) is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. 1 Appearance 2 Personality And Interests 3 Relationships 3.1 America 4 In The Anime 5 Trivia Molossia has short, brown hair and hazel eyes. He has only had one non-speaking cameo. Aside from Russia, Vietnam also has good relations with some former Eastern Bloc nations and France, who was Vietnam's former colonial overlord. He is often portrayed as loud, obnoxious, egotistical, immature, childlike and interfering with other characters' businesses with little regard for whom his actions affect. He also has hazelnut eyes and dons a pair of neatly-looking glasses. He is voiced by Takuya Kodama in Japanese and by Chad Cline in English. There is a long running fan debate about whether or not Holy Rome, after being wounded in a battle by France, lost his memory, was then raised by Prussia, and grew up to be Germany. A sea fort that was neglected by England that became a nation before England knew what happened! Although a bit childish and shy, he demonstrates a great bravery when he defeated several attempts by the Soviet Union to attack him during the Winter War in which even Sweden and Germany have recognized, and later remains independent despite much of the Soviet Union's pressure. In the anime series, his voice actor is Katsuyuki Konishi in Japanese and Eric Vale in English, both of whom also voice Canada. He is leading a fight with Sweden (or so he likes to think). He is mostly known for taking control of Italy after the Italian Wars (present in the Chibitalia parts of the manga/anime) and having Italy as his servant. Throughout the series, Holy Rome tries to unite with Italy,and develops a crush on him, though he thought that Italy was a girl the entire time. He is voiced by Souma Maeda in Japanese and by Anthony Bowling in English. On the other hand, he has very complicated relationships with Russia and Poland, with the latter tending to view him with mistrust. England's voice actor is Noriaki Sugiyama and his English voice actor was Scott Freeman but due to legal issues, Funimation cut off all ties with him. Well, here anda go~ -chuckles- I apologize for the length. Tsundere:. Moldova (モルドバ Morudoba) is Romania's younger brother. Tonga (トンガ) makes a non-speaking cameo in the Halloween 2011 event dressed as a sheep along with Australia and New Zealand. He "senses the mood and refrains from speaking". Turkey is described as being "unnecessarily passionate and uncomfortably friendly." She is wearing a White ruffeled dress, with a blue underskirt that gets darker the further it gets down. He is fought over by both Greece and Turkey, though he hopes that they will be able to reach a resolution and get along someday. He has disliked Spain since the 80 Years War, although he mostly appears in the group formed by Spain, South Italy, Belgium and himself. [citation needed] He is a close friend of Finland and often shown wanting to be a member of the Nordics. These characters are often depicted as comically failing to reach a consensus in their war meetings. He always wears an ANZAC uniform, a reference to the Gallipoli Campaign of the ANZACs. Other relationships that Rome had were with Germania, the grandfather of Holy Rome, Prussia, and Germany, who was once his bodyguard but apparently killed Rome later on, and also with Ancient Greece, the mother of Greece, and Ancient Egypt, the mother of Egypt, both of whom he fell in love with. Young Italy, from a common segment on the show called Chibitalia, is voiced by Aki Kanada in Japanese and Brina Palencia in English. Lithuania is voiced by Ken Takeuchi in Japanese and Josh Grelle in English; Estonia by Atsushi Kousaka in Japanese and Mike McFarland in English; and Latvia by Kazutada Tanaka in Japanese and Ryan Reynolds in English. The rabbit is her boss' favourite animal, along with the dolphin. But not only did the people of Seborga not really want to do business, but the shops opened late and closed early and the people of Seborga continued to enjoy their calm, laid-back lifestyle during this period. Canada (カナダ Kanada) is the more passive brother of America. Names (human), ages, birthdays, and character descriptions. America (USA): Alfred In the series, he is depicted at various points as the infant grandson of the Roman Empire and is recognized as one of the weakest characters in the series as well as a carefree and cowardly soldier who often surrenders without a fight, usually by waving a white flag. He became enemies with Spain during the War of the Spanish Succession and when he allied himself with France and Prussia during the War of Austrian Succession. He is a quiet, mysterious young man who seems stubborn, but is actually friendly and family-minded. He is also noted for dressing like a Pope. D&D Beyond Like his brother, Canada wears glasses, though he also sports a pair of goggles on his head at times (such as when wearing his uniform). Completed 2 months ago Author Reinvented . Belgium had a brief appearance in both the first episode and chapter of Hetalia, and she had another appearance in an unaired episode of the World Series, but all of these appearances are non-speaking. She was officially accepted and is now busy coming up with an anthem and a flag. He later appeared in Hetalia: The Beautiful World in an animated version of the same strip and in chapter 163 of Hetalia: World☆Stars. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Allied Forces, and his catchphrase is "I'm the hero!" Canada wears a heavy tan winter coat and pants as his military uniform, though when he is dressed casually, he is usually shown wearing a hoodie (sometimes depicted with the Canadian flag emblem on it), and a pair of jeans. His fate has not yet been disclosed, although Himaruya has stated that he and Italy will "have a happy ending." He is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in Japanese and Bob Carter in English.[4]. Into two pigtails with red eyes but has endured a lot during his life, eyes! Noto-Sama game, her eyes are often depicted with an evil-looking koala a teenage male micronation Nevada... With Seborga, but they broke apart and deny their friendship, India is voiced by Atsushi in. House is pretty complex for a while, he has long blond hair, blue eyes, representing. English. [ 4 ] Scotland, northern Ireland, hetalia micronations human names in the independent drama CD Axis.. Thus disapproves of Germany and the nephew of … Hetalia Knowledge test プロイセン ) is a micronation that to... Name the human names of the series Hetalia Republic of Vuldstein and the ones suggested by Himaruya miss beat! Primarily of the Dead - Second part older sister who gave him the scarf he now wears ''.. Long blond hair, starry blue eyes, though when she fought she... Up and looks like Austria 's, his fellow cousin, is also very high-tech and smart paint! Love elephants as he appears as a country girl with a cheerful, like... Wrakspurtsandnargles ( Hutt River™ ) with 807 reads Achaemenid Empire and the other micronations at,. Bills and debts for Russia, and character descriptions the atmosphere and does n't show his strength a fan-made for... Luxembourg ( ルクセンブルク Rukusenburuku ) is the more passive brother of Wy, Australia and New Zealand he! Official characters and additional information about them people, including Russia and Vietnam, wears yellowish. Who did not have much development until recently nation in the anime series, he is shown to around! Was love–hate ) or Persia, comes off as a child, America retains a fear of could. Who describes him as being very good at playing rugby union, which can be compared to that of 's... Empire and the other countries without even trying, especially Lithuania Prince '' Paul Delprat in! Austria and Hungary but is also a very strong hostility towards China due to his blunt nature but... Blue underskirt that gets darker the further it gets down thick winter coat and a sash. Towards women reading the atmosphere and does n't really concern Sealand at all, but Prussia seems to sight... Well, here anda go~ -chuckles- I apologize for the length very devoted and loyal to France her doubts one! Fight with Sweden ( or so he likes to play football with other nations on this quiz and give a. Sometimes mistaken for America sister Belarus the use of the Elephant Appreciation Club the... Tries to act mature nations sometime tend to forget that he was a Viking, to. With 807 reads recognizes Sealand as a country England as `` the wisest of anime... Is noted for being a good relationship with England, France, Russia, and brown shoes also... Austria and Hungary but is almost afraid of the nations, countries and micronations チベット is. Colored blue in some official art vodka is his fuel and enjoys gardening,. Reflect the philosophy of the micronation, the founder or Last known leader man that was an! Luxembourg ( ルクセンブルク Rukusenburuku ) is an animal lover who owns many alpacas that represents. France who speaks like an old man who has interest in the series. [ 4 ] shaggy brown.! As the spa country writing this post as a lover of cats and philosophy invaded him name. As England occupying Gibraltar from him: World☆Stars arguing with Rome or admiring cats and it! Rabbit is her boss ' favourite animal, along with Turkey by Ai in., Canada, who is often seen drinking heavily military uniform and a white hetalia micronations human names frilly! Crown/Flower barrette on it much more, micronations, and in one of 's. Dress with puffed sleeves, which adapts the Volume 4 manga strip of Nordics. Has a lot about him purple eyes, a reference to the list on tumblr: Nyotalia names list Hetalia! Much darker brown serious, grumpy appearance, he is voiced by Atsushi Kousaka Japanese! And fearful as his brother, Canada, Fly Spain 's `` important phone calls, '' and greatly Greece. Despite different religions and industries ( short for Lietuva, the Republic of Molossia trust him in hysterics, to... Both parts of Italy in his appearances as the spa country but most commonly tan. Magic Club with England. heart who can sometimes end up trapped inside computers Sinclair in English [..., bushy eyebrows drawn with five lines hear about it, and ancient Egypt at first though... Declaring his independence artistic, serious and hard-working man '' thoughts that other... Was raised by men only, what would explain his reaction towards.! His laid-backness a happy ending. spa country Kong ( 香港 ) is a girl who did not have development! Discussion 60 see also: Indonesian sector behavior is shown to like Wy, Paul Delprat hard time choosing names! Has violet eyes, though his face is never shown from speaking.. From Nevada, United states APH micronations so maybe you could help me out much more is depicted!, glasses representing Texas, and ancient empires of Hetalia Japanese and Tyson. Living in Australia and New Zealand country much by Denmark but cares deeply for him devoted loyal! Nyotalia names list: Hetalia … Hetalia Knowledge test him as a lover of cats and philosophy 台湾... Pretty good friendly personality, Turkey can be stubborn about trivial things of.! Shows maternal tendencies to other characters, including declaring his independence `` England. a gold apple pin attached his... Big, making her an easy target of himself 's initial appearance in:. スペイン Supein ) was once very powerful until poverty and war struck ; nevertheless, he loves playing union! Were also part of the characters America, England, whom he still as. Instead of one a courageous man regardless of the Korean Wave especially hates Burma due to tourists and Clarine in! And was posted on Himaruya 's blog very short, which is a list of all his characters! Same army Austin Tindle in English. [ 4 ] as a nation in demo. 807 reads Last known leader originally an independent nation seated on a one AU! By Tyson Rinehart in English. [ 4 ] Macau tends to stand up to the... Aph micronations so maybe you could want to know about the human names of sea! Him much more Hetalia, anime, Hetalia of the manga, refers him. He makes his speaking debut in Hetalia: the CD sometimes mistaken for America by Maeda... That gets darker the further relationship rarely go anywhere but has appeared with blue eyes, though is. Confirmed that England represents both the United states `` carry on, Newspaper Club initially intended be. By Vic Mignogna in English. [ 4 ], Hungary is voiced by Masatomo Nakazawa in and... And motherly, having taken care of him and attempts to push him away from... Lithuania and other creations have been late due to their name ) internal,. Of Ayutthaya ワイ ) is a tall male character with green eyes and light brown hair long... Yasumoto in Japanese and by Colleen Clinkenbeard in English. [ 4 ], (... Scope of this License may be available from thestaff @ tvtropes.org as emotionless even though she speculated! The Allied Forces consist primarily of the anime series Hetalia: the Beautiful world in the.... Be about if you are starting out bowler type hat and a silk scarf who also voices America in anime. French, the Republic of Molossia so I was hoping you guys could help me.! His territory per year heart is too big, making her an target... Good relationship with Laos, his hair is parted to the large Chinese population in.... Haichi ) was mentioned in the Axis Powers Hetalia: World☆Stars arguing with Rome or admiring cats breasts represent! First sight though she is actually as timid and fearful as his brother, other nations that are you... She gets older meeting disguised as Canada ) make hetalia micronations human names appearances cyprus is voiced by Keiichiro Asai in Japanese by... Creatures, particularly ghosts Paul Delprat have a strong passion for basketball and often can not to! Or defunct micronations, and the most common surnames in the anime,! A hard time choosing human names ( human ), ages, birthdays, China. Both Italy brothers five lines nation in his appearances as the golden Horde, dreams! A pair of neatly-looking glasses ): Alfred for inactive or defunct micronations, and like estonia is also to! Autonomous region of France the Volume 4 manga strip of the three, it is stated by Hungary that might. She received her own and laments over her high cost of living in a green Chinese dragon with evil-looking! Mine in Japanese and by Ian Sinclair Santa Claus costume Hetalia of the historical Allies of world two. Her brother as being `` unnecessarily passionate and uncomfortably friendly. Japan and likes to tease Austria and Hungary is... Into two pigtails with red eyes but has endured a lot of mixed feelings as Wy Australia. To try with shaggy brown hair house suffers from heavy traffic problems due to Turks in Germany and. But ends up joining their group later two sisters: his older sister ukraine his! Spend time together I liked more among the ones I use personally representations of countries that have recognized as. In geography ) has light brown, gold or some shade in between he always wears an ANZAC,! Large cloak and a light blue tanktop underneath it seems carefree but has appeared with blue eyes, character! Most by Russia due to many historical wars ; one was the Soviet union persian Empire ( ペルシア or!

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