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Immigration New Zealand would be supporting those who wanted to return to their home countries and those who could not. It may not be sufficient to advise the applicant to find a solution within the validity of the visa; they must already have a viable solution found and confirmed. ... Latest from New Zealand. Example of UK Visa on Compassionate Grounds. Here is what you need to know, New Zealand government raises travel advice to highest level - 'do not travel', US man lived inside Chicago's O'Hare airport for three months before detection, Heavy rain, 130kmh gusts, 10-metre swells and snow coming this week, Northbound lanes reopen after wrong way crash leaves two dead, two seriously injured on Wellington motorway, Locals shocked by rock wall blocking access to popular Golden Bay river, Wild weather: Heavy rain, gales gusting up to 130kmh, and thunderstorms set to hit, America's Cup: Team New Zealand to help American Magic rebuild Patriot, Trump prepares to offer clemency to more than 100 people in final hours in office, Auckland podiatrist dies of cancer on New Year's Day, leaving behind pregnant wife, Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: January 19, 2021, America's Cup: Terry Hutchinson reflects the emotion of the American Magic rebuild. Residence visa holders travelling to New Zealand. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: BORDER CLOSURES AND EXEMPTIONS. No exemptions from border rules given on compassionate grounds. If you do not have an account, you can create one here. Browse: Visas and immigration. what will the customers’ personal circumstances be when their temporary visa expires? That’s not acceptable,” David Clark said. EU, EEA and Commonwealth citizens The letter to support a visa application must be addressed to the embassy of the country where the visitor lives. An Australian woman says her attempt to get an exemption to the New Zealand Covid-19 travel ban so she could visit her dying mother has left her feeling distraught and disrespected. Posting here for traffic in hope of ideas. The Government has announced further visa extensions for some temporary workers, and their partners and dependents. Are you employing migrant construction workers? It can be sent to the person applying for the visa application. It’s even more difficult if you have a personal, medical or deportation case. ... A Partner or Child visa application might be prioritised where you can demonstrate compelling and compassionate circumstances. Resident visas generally allow you to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely and access most publicly funded services. Working if your partner is in NZ. to care for a sick relative) that the requirement for the person to be in NZ will no longer be needed by the time the visa expires. Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says Immigration New Zealand will be supporting people on temporary visas. Further information is available from the Australian Tax Office. Holidaying in New Zealand. 2), 2015-Apr 24: Assessing length of permitted stay in New Zealand as a visitor, 2015-Apr 17: Limited visas for people who intend to study and post-study work visas, 2015-Apr 10: WS6 Performing Artists, Entertainers and Entertainment Industry Workers, 2015-Apr 10: Chest x-ray films forwarded to the Health Assessment Team, 2015-Apr 10: Consequences of section 157 Deportation Liability Notices, 2015-Apr 03: Assessing fees for ITA letters, 2015-Mar 27: Best practice for recording police certificate details in AMS, 2015-Mar 27: Definitions to key terms to support the labour market test for essential skills work visas, 2015-Mar 27: PPI deadline dates and decision making, 2015-Mar 13: Essential skills work visas allowing work in multiple locations, 2015-Mar 13: Processing culturally arranged marriage applications, 2015-Mar 13: Assessing Work to Residence Applications, 2015-Mar 06: Documenting Decision Rationale, 2015-Mar 06: Privacy Act and Official Information Act requests in response to Potentially Prejudicial Information letters, 2015-Feb 27: Suspended deportation liability and ability to sponsor and/or support family members, 2015-Feb 27: Installers and servicers of specialised machinery or equipment, 2015-Feb 27: Medical Assessor Referrals – School aged applicants applying for visitor visas, 2015-Feb 27: Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub letter of engagement, 2015-Feb 20: Minimum Guaranteed Working Hours for Work Visa Applications, 2015-Feb 20: U3.10 Acceptable evidence of paying tuition fees, 2015-Feb 20: Aviation Student Instructions – U6.35.5, 2015-Feb 13: Character waivers and driving with excess alcohol (temporary entry), 2015-Feb 05: High-end music acts with more than 10 participating artists/crew, 2015-Jan 23: Limbo Day – Expiry of a visa, 2015-Jan 23: Variations of Conditions (VOC) – Labour Market Test Requirements, 2014-Dec 24: Clarifications on personal income requirements to sponsor parents under Family Parent Category, 2014-Dec 12: Meaning of "material information" – in the context of character requirements, 2014-Dec 12: Applications from failed refugee claimants, 2014-Dec 12: Parent Category applicants claiming they have no dependent children because their children are not totally or substantially reliant on them for financial support, 2014-Dec 05: Privacy Act Requests and Immigration Advisers, 2014-Dec 05: U3.30 (a)iii – Programme approval for year 7 and 8 students, 2014-Dec 05: Kiribati adoptions compliant with NZ adoption law, 2014-Dec 05: Study entitlement for Working Holiday Scheme work visa holders, 2014-Nov 21: E3.10 and E3.11 instruction changes, 2014-Nov 21: Temporary entry partnership assessments, 2014-Oct 31: Further visitor visas for people who are unable to return home, 2014-Oct 31: Eligible New Zealand citizen or resident partner and domestic violence – Partnership Category, 2014-Oct 24: Confidentiality obligations in respect of claimants, refugees and protected persons, 2014-Oct 24: Inclusion of partners in temporary entry class visa applications, 2014-Oct 10: Pre-purchase of ESOL tuition, 2014-Oct 10: Deciding applications under Sections SM3.5 and F4.10.5, 2014-Oct 10: Reminder about workers in the entertainment industry, 2014-Oct 10: Client Complaint Resolution Process timeframes, 2014-Oct 03: Department of Conservation volunteers, 2014-Oct 03: Variation of Conditions fee waiver, 2014-Aug 29: Changes to definition of “ongoing and sustainable employment", 2014-Aug 29: Variation of conditions and the requirement to submit an Employer Supplementary Form, 2014-Aug 22: Parent, Sibling and Adult Category applications (pre 16 May 2012), 2014-Aug 15: Direct employer – Essential Skills and AIPs, 2014-Aug 15: Education status of children when waiting outcome of an IPT appeal, 2014-Aug 08: Reminder for parents and guardians to sign applications made by applicants who are under 18, 2014-Aug 08: Short Term English Language Studies Visitor Visa, 2014-Jul 31: LTSSL Requirements for Engineering Qualifications, 2014-Jul 25: Minimum Wage and Employment Agreements in the Agricultural Industry, 2014-Jul 18: Educational Exchange Programmes, 2014-Jul 11: Personal details on a visa or endorsement must match the holder’s passport, 2014-Jul 11: Requirements for Employment Agreements, 2014-Jul 04: Work Rights for people studying on Limited Visas, 2014-Jul 04: Status of Children born while their parent(s) hold interim visas, 2014-Jun 27: U3.30 – Guardian requirements for students, 2014-Jun 27: Student visas for dependents of workers, 2014-Jun 13: Label issuing at Singapore Office, 2014-Jun 13: Supporting migrants and employers of migrants in aged care, 2014-Jun 13: Religious Worker Instructions, 2014-Jun 06: Documenting migrant exploitation, 2014-May 30: Dependent Children of NZ Aid Programme (NZAP) Students – Evidence of Funds, 2014-May 09: Contacting Customers and Immigration Advisers, 2014-May 09: Medical referrals when the medical has been destroyed, 2014-May 09: Partnership Applications – Cultural Differences, 2014-May 02: Declining residence applications under SM3.5, 2014-Apr 04: Exchange Students - Reminder, 2014-Mar 28: Ban on the grant of visas to individuals associated with the Ukraine crisis, 2014-Mar 28: Work to Residence applications replaced by Essential Skills applications, 2014-Mar 21: Character questions for Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) and Second or Subsequent Resident Visa (SSRV) applicants, 2014-Mar 21: Information provided by the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board, 2014-Mar 07: Medical re-referrals – Lawyers/Immigration Advisor comments for re-referral, 2014-Feb 14: University Lecturers – Bonus Points Under SMC, 2014-Feb 07: Permanent Resident Visa - Base Established in New Zealand, 2014-Feb 07: Official Co-Production - WS6, 2014-Jan 17: Privacy Breaches – Data Entry, 2014-Jan 10: Transferring files between offices, 2014-Jan 10: New Zealand Citizens applying for PRVs, 2013-Dec 20: Accepting applications for lodgement from excluded persons - Update, 2013-Dec 20: Non Cash Benefits – Letter to Federated Farmers, 2013-Dec 20: Process for identifying deportation liability arising from criminal offending, 2013-Nov 29: Accepting applications for lodgement from excluded persons, 2013-Nov 29: Assessing NZAP scholarship student visa applications, 2013-Nov 22: Reminder to refuse requests for extensions to ITAs, 2013-Nov 15: Parent Category – Sponsor’s income, 2013-Nov 08: Owners and crew of super yachts instruction V3.81, 2013-Oct 11: Can people claim asylum at any INZ Office or VAC, 2013-Oct 04: Performing Artists, Entertainers and Entertainment Industry workers, 2013-Sep 06: NZQA list of tertiary education organisations exempted, 2013-Aug 30: Variation of Conditions – temporary entry class visas - further advice, 2013-Aug 23: New University Transfer Programmes offered by UCIC, 2013-Aug 23: Tier One Parent Category sponsors on Parental Leave, 2013-Aug 23: Warnings (including alerts) placed against advisers/lawyers, 2013-Aug 09: Foreign language requirements, 2013-Aug 02: Application for transfer or confirmation of a visa, 2013-Jul 19: IRD numbers for RSE workers - Reminder, 2013-Jul 12: Privacy Act Requests for Ministerial Files, 2013-Jul 12: Operations Support – Agricultural trainees, 2013-Jul 05: Dependent children of Essential Skills work visa applicants, 2013-Jul 05:Section 210(ii) and s216 (ii) of The Immigration Act 2009, 2013-Jun 28: RV2.5.20 – The meaning of “occupy”, 2013-Jun 21: Special Direction to suspend visa-waiver status - additional information, 2013-Jun 21: Situation of residence applicants who become unlawful, 2013-Jun 21: Parent Category residence conditions, 2013-Jun 14: Special Direction to Suspend Visa-Waiver Status, 2013-Jun 07: S169 (3) Effect of being liable for deportation, 2013-May 31: Evidence of maintenance funds for school children, 2013-May 24:Best practice for specifying the “express purpose” on limited visa labels, 2013-May 10: Work visa requirements for health eligibility, 2013-May 10: Prioritising residence applications, 2013-May 10: LIA feedback on complaints about immigration advisers, 2013-Apr 12: Travel Documents failing the Checksum Digit Test, 2013-Mar 28: Work Visas issued under an AIP, 2013-Mar 22: Variation of Conditions – Temporary entry class visas, 2013-Mar 22: Invitation To Apply – Unlawful persons, 2013-Feb 01: When a student visa is not required U2.5, 2013-Feb 01: Who may be included in a visitor visa application, 2013-Jan 18: Granting Temporary visas on compassionate grounds, 2012-Dec 14: Religious Worker instructions, 2012-Dec 14: Study to Work qualification requirements, 2012-Dec 14: Licenced Immigration Advisers working for multiple companies, 2012-Oct 26: WD1 – Graduate Work Experience – ‘Relevance’, 2012-Oct 12: Assessment of dependent children for residence, 2012-Oct 05: Suspending the processing of a residence visa application under S169, 2012-Aug 17: Temporary Entry: Duration of Partnership – Duration of Visa, 2012-Jul 06: Applications from resident or former resident visa holders, 2012-Jul 06: Waiving visa application fees for events, 2012-Jun 22: Use of the ESOL tuition contract template letter, 2012-Apr 27: Residence Partnership – periods of separation, 2012-Apr 27: Deciding Temporary Entry applications, 2012-Apr 20: Best Practice Requirements of E4.5 - Partners and dependent children of temporary entry class visa holders, 2012-Apr 05: Studying on a visitor visa in New Zealand, 2012-Mar 30: Sponsorship and onshore extensions (temporary entry), 2012-Mar 30: Migrants affected by industrial action, 2012-Feb 24: Authority to study clarification – SMC 14.10 note, 2012-Feb 24: Interim visas – appeal rights and system issues, 2012-Feb 17: Requests under the Privacy Act 1993 by lawyers and licensed advisers, 2012-Jan 27: Temporary Entry Class Visa Applications: Recording consideration of Exceptions to Policy, 2012-Jan 13: Granting work visas to approved refugee claimants/asylum seekers who have not yet applied for and/or been granted residence, 2011-Dec 09: Delegated power under section 384(1) of the Immigration Act 2009, 2011-Dec 09: Locum tenens registration period, 2011-Dec 02: Situation of residence applicants who are liable for deportation, 2011-Dec 02: Lodging residence applications - updated advice, 2011-Nov 18: Deferral of a residence application involving a partner, 2011-Nov 11: Business visitors – entertainment industry, 2011-Nov 05: Notifying Resolutions of a significant change to a client’s status, 2011-Nov 04: Granting visas with start dates in the future, 2011-Nov 04: Copies of offers of place letters for universities and polytechnics; wording in offers of place for PhD students, 2011-Oct 28: Processing of work to residence applications, 2011-Oct 21: Notes in AMS for full fee paying students, 2011-Oct 07: Residence and onshore temporary decline letters, 2011-Aug 19: Canadian police certificates, 2011-Aug 19: Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Instructions, 2011-Aug 05: Sponsorship (cost recovery process enabled), 2011-Aug 05: Deportation costs to be repaid before person can enter New Zealand, 2011-Jul 15: Adding AMS client - Christchurch reconstruction - to all relevant applications, 2011-Jul 08: Section 41 and Visitor Visa approval letters, 2011-Jun 17: Complaints and Feedback process and Ombudsmen Act complaints, 2011-Jun 10: Temporary entry health requirements instructions, 2011-Jun 10: Military visas for contractors employed by visiting military forces, 2011-Jun 03: Justice of Peace - stamps not mandatory on certified or witnessed document, 2011-Jun 03: Experience - not gain or reward, and not a lawful primary purpose, 2011-Jun 03: Scanned signatures from immigration advisers and lawyers exempt from licensing, 2011-Jun 03: Scanned signatures for medical and X-Ray certificates and from immigration advisers [Outdated for eMed users], 2011-May 13: Update on Supplementary Seasonal Employment (SSE) instructions, 2011-Apr 15: Assessing work on completion of study, with an offer of employment, 2011-Feb 18: Doctors applying for work and residence visas with Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) letter of eligibility for registration, 2011-Feb 11: Add warnings on AMS for New Zealand Aid Programme (NZAP) students, 2015-Jul 31: New powers under s293A of the Immigration Act 2009, 2015-Jul 31: Immigration changes announced, 2016-Mar 11: Definition of Commercial Sexual Services under instruction E7.40, 9 February 2018 — Status of children born in New Zealand and applying for travel conditions, 1 December 2017 - Deductions from wages and salary, 9 February 2018 — Skills Match Report for higher-skilled ANZSCO skill level 4 or 5 occupations, 9 February 2018 — Work rights for holders of student visas valid until 31 March, 20 November 2015 - Who is the employer — Legal entities and work visa conditions, 2016-Jun 03: U8.20.1 Dependent children of Essential Skill work visa holders, 2014-Dec 05: Residence and onshore temporary decline letters, 2014-Mar 14: Correct recording of Police certificates in AMS, 2012-Oct 19: Australian citizens and residents applying for PRV, 2016-May 06: Tongan “Spent Conviction” Police Certificates, 2016-Apr 29: Fees payable when application lodged, 14 September 2015 - Assessing Essential Skills applications following an Approval in Principle request, 14 September 2015 - Funds or sponsorship requirements for applicants under special visitor categories, 14 October 2016 — Chefs — Long Term Skill Shortage List and assessing substantial match under ANZSCO, 16 February 2018 - Reminder on further visitor visas for people who are unable to return home due to circumstances in their home country, 16 February 2018 - Definition of “ongoing and sustainable employment” - Extension of fixed term employment, Ministry of Business, Innovation, & Employment.

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