Hollyoaks spoilers: Martine Deveraux makes a decision after Walter has a stroke

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan) has been harbouring a huge secret in Hollyoaks and, after her dad Walter (Trevor A Toussaint) has a stroke in the coming episodes, she revisits this secret once more — and seemingly comes to a huge decision as a result.

Several weeks back, Lisas (Rachel Adedeji) welcome home party at the Deveraux household went awry when Walter became homophobic towards Scott (Ross Adams) — and Scotts mate Mitchell (Imran Adams) did little to help.

As a result, Martine questioned Walters parenting skills considering it was his values that Mitchell was replicating, but Walter wasnt having any of her harsh words, and instead bestowed a few upon her for leaving Mitchell in his care in the first place.

It was this conversation that inspired Martine to reflect upon the past and — whilst reminiscing over some old photos of Mitchell as a child — it came to light that Mitchell has a twin brother whom he knows nothing about. Following another conversation with Walter, Martine buried her secret once more, but — in the coming episodes — Walter suffers a stroke as a result of his sickle cell disease.



As a result, Martine decides to restart the search for a bone marrow donor, and her thoughts once aRead More – Source