Grammys award for least sore loser: Wolf Van Halen

Don’t worry, it’s fine. Really…

Wolf Van Halen, son of the late legendary rocker Eddie Van Halen, seems a bit salty he didn’t win Best Rock Song at the 2022 Grammys on Sunday night.

Wolf, 31, was nominated for his song “Distance” which he wrote about his late father, a founding member of Van Halen. The award instead went to Foo Fighters’ “Waiting on a War.”

“We came, we saw, but we did NOT conquer and that’s ok!” Van Halen wrote on Twitter after the awards ceremony. “I got to have a wonderful night with the two most important women in my world.”

“Pop didn’t win the first time he was nominated too, so it looks like I’m following in his footsteps quite nicely,” Van Halen said of his father’s Grammy nominations in 1985.

Van Halen attended the show with his girlfriend, Andraia Allsop, and his mom, beloved TV actress and Food Network star Valerie Bertinelli, who gushed to Entertainment Tonight about how proud she was of her son.

“It is really emotional. I mean, the song that Wofie wrote is absolutely stunning, gorgeous and it’s really beautiful that he was honored for it, and for songwriting,” she said on the red carpet.

Van Halen knows his dad would also be proud, saying, “He would be losing his mind, but also, at the same time, he would be like, ‘duh,’ because that’s how much he believed in me.”