BTS Jimin reveals why he cried on-stage in Brazil and its so heartwarming

BTS' Jimin performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dont worry Jimin, the BTS ARMY have got you (Pictures: Twitter/@JiminGloba)

BTS star Jimin has shared the truth about him crying on-stage at the boy bands show in Brazil over the weekend – and itll seriously warm your heart.

The Boy With Luv singers brought their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour to the Allianz Parque in São Paulo on 25 May, performing hits from their latest album Map Of The Soul: Persona.

But it was the track, The Truth Untold, that really touched Jimin who became overwhelmed with emotion and couldnt help but shed a little tear.

Fans were left wondering just what set Jimin off but he offered an explanation the next night at BTS second São Paulo show.

At the end of the concert, Jimin reportedly told the audience: Theres something I want to make sure to tell you. To be honest, until yesterday, my body wasnt so well. But even so, I was ok, I thought that way because Im able to do the things I want to do.



But yesterday, the reason I cried and stuff is, you all sang together with us right? It moved my heart so much and it was such a great gift. Thank you so much.

He added: And even if today passes, the way you moved my heart and everything – I will never forget this. Im really all better now! I really love you lots, everyone. Thank you!

Jimin and jungkook cried because Brazil Armies TOUCH THE HEART OF THEM ?? We softened theirs cute little heart? but don't cry Jimin don't cry jk ? my heart can't handle when you two cry?I know it was happy tear still it hurts #BrazilArmy are best ?#BTSatAllianzParque_D2

— Drrathikasounder •᷄ɞ•᷅ (@BTSiswhyiSMILE) May 27, 2019


"Did you have fun? Now there's something I want to make sure to tell all of you. Actually, this rarely happens but my body was a little unwell until yesterday. But even so, I was fine +#JiminSpeech #BTSatAllianzParque_D2

— Jimin Global #WeLoveYouJimin (@JiminGlobal) May 28, 2019

Oh, bless his heart.

BTS will be arriving in the UK this week ahead of their shows at Londons Wembley Stadium on 1 and 2 June.

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No doubt the British BTS ARMY will be on-hand with tissues if Jimin or his bandmates need a little cry again.


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