Co-Founder Creates All-Australian PPE Mask

An entrepreneurial duo is in talks with Victoria and New South Wales state governments to establish a production factory for their new military-grade, reusable and environmentally-friendly, Australian designed protective masks.

Adrian Critchlow, co-founder of, and Mehdi Qerim, Managing Director of Solid Foundation Investments, are in the final stages of settling on a location for their multi-functional and environmentally friendly protective face covering.

Mechanical engineer and clean-tech investor Critchlow told Epoch Times that both are keen to commence production as soon as possible, “weve narrowed it down to two sites, one in Ballarat and one in Adelong for our manufacturing base,” he said. There is also interest from “governments about their requirements in terms of emergency services, and were talking to a number of corporates.”

Ambulance services in Victoria and NSW have already agreed to trial their masks.

Epoch Times Photo
Epoch Times Photo
ActiveMask prototype (Image supplied by ActiveMask)

Made In Australia

Developing an all Australian supply chain was important for the ActiveMasks co-founders who note the need for masks will not dissipate until the pandemic ends.

“Australians, particularly Victorians, will be required to wear masks for some time into the future. It will remain a critical piece of equipment for many years on the other side of the current COVID-19 crisis,” said Critchlow

“ActiveMask will be entirely designed and constructed right here in Victoria. It is important that Australia develops its own supply pipeline for sophisticated, protective masks,” Qerim said.

The friends also have plans to take their product global.

“We have already had enquiries from the UK, United States and Asia, so we see a sizable export opportunity for a quality manufactured Australian mask,” they said

ActiveMask will use an automated manufacturing process and expects to generate hundreds of jobs at the new site.

Critchlow said the balance of automated machinery and labour enables them to compete with low-labour-force countries.

Inspired by Loss

The co-founders set out to create a long-lasting, reuseable mask after Critchlows elderly father lost his life due to COVID-19. At the aged care home, he saw first hand how concerning face-covering standards were for health care workers.

“Many single-use and fabric mask designs have significant drawbacks that limit their efficacy putting the wearer at potential risk, and they are made of melt-blown plastic, which ends up in landfill or our waterways,” he noted.

“Were already seeing hundreds of them being audited and removed from Australias register of therapeutic goods given they dont adequately prevent infection,” Critchlow said.

The experience inspired him and friend Qerim to develop a mask suitable for a variety of infectious diseases and other life–threatening situations, including bushfires.

Epoch Times Photo
Epoch Times Photo
ActiveMask diagram v1.1a, 2020. (Image supplied by Activemask)

Their product named ActiveMask, partly developed with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation is made up of two layers: an activated carbon layer—originalRead More – Source