UN food chief urges Bezos, other billionaires to step up to help world’s starving

NEW YORK: United Nations food chief David Beasley called on the world's billionaires on Thursday (Sep 17) to step up to help save about 30 million people he said are at risk of dying if they don't receive help from the World Food Programme.

Globally about 270 million people were headed toward the brink of starvation and WFP hopes to reach 138 million people this year, Beasley told the UN Security Council



"We need US$4.9 billion to feed, for one year, all 30 million people who will die without WFP's assistance," Beasley said, noting that there are about 2,000 billionaires with a net worth of US$8 trillion and several made billions during the pandemic.

"I am not opposed to people making money, but humanity is facing the greatest crisis any of us have seen in our lifetimes," said the former South Carolina governor.

The combined wealth of America's billionaires jumped over 19 per cent or by half a trillion since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic in the United States, according to a report published by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) in June.

In the 11 weeks from Mar 18, when lockdowns started in some US states, Amazon.com Inc founder Jeff Bezos saw his wealth soar by about US$36.2 billion, while Facebook IRead More – Source