Trumps Deputy Assistant Elected to Lead Inter-American Development Bank

Mauricio Claver-Carone, senior director for Western Hemisphere and President Donald Trumps deputy assistant, is elected to be the next president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

He was elected by the banks board of governors and will take office on Oct. 1 for a five-year term, the IDB said in a statement.

The IDB is a leading source of long-term financing for economic, social, and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Its unclear how many board members voted for Claver-Carone. To be elected president, a candidate must receive a majority of the total voting power of the IDBs member countries as well as the support of at least 15 of the 28 regional member countries, the bank said.

The Treasury Department nominated Claver-Carone for the position in June 2020.

“The nomination of Mr. Claver-Carone demonstrates President Trumps strong commitment to U.S. leadership in important regional institutions, and to advancing prosperity and security in the Western Hemisphere,” the department said in a statement back on June 16.

National Security Advisor Robert C. OBrien and State Secretary Michael Pompeo applauded the IDB board members move.

OBrien praised Claver-Carone for his “strategic vision for accelerating best-in-class private investment in the region.”

Pompeo said that the newly-elected president has been a visionary leader in advancing prosperity in the Western Hemisphere and a strong advocate for the democratic institutions and security cooperation that underpin economic growth and development.

“The United States looks forward to working closely with him during his tenure as president of this essential organization as it revitalizes economies throughout Latin America and the Caribbean,” he said.

The confirmation of Claver-Carone as the president of the IDB is a big step forward of the Trump administrations Western Hemisphere strategy in a confrontation of the increasing influence from the Chinese regime in Americas neighborhood region.

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