Separate Toilets No Longer Necessary: Anti-Discrimination Commissioner

The Equal Opportunity Commission has summoned Liberal Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler over remarks she made about free speech and that womens sports and toilets should remain as spaces exclusively for biological women.

The letter from Tasmanias anti-discrimination commissioner, reportedly seen by News Corps Mercury newspaper, said Chandlers remarks might be seen as discriminatory against those who do not identify with the sex recorded at their birth.

The commissioner allegedly goes on to say in the letter that it is arguable that following shifts towards unisex toilets, it is no longer necessary to have separate toilets based on sex.

“[The complaint] is yet another example of the assault on truth and an assault on the very meaning of the word woman by activists who are determined to remove every sex-based right that women around the world have and allow anyone who identifies as a woman into womens sports and womens spaces,” Chandler told Parliament last week.

Chandler said the commissioner is compelling her to attend compulsory mediation with the complainant.

On July 17, Chandler wrote an op-ed for The Mercury in which she wrote: “You dont have to be a bigot to recognise the differences between the male and female sexes and understand why womens sports, single-sex change rooms and toilets are important.”

The Tasmanian senator said another part of the complaint was concerning her response to an email she received after the op-ed was published.

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