Delta puts 240 people on ‘no fly list’ for not wearing masks

CHICAGO: Delta Air Lines has placed about 240 people on a "no fly list' for failing to comply with the airline's face mask policy, Chief Executive Ed Bastian said in a memo to employees on Thursday (Aug 27).

There is no US federal mandate on masks in airports or on aeroplanes, leaving US airlines to enforce their own rules that passengers must wear face coverings while travelling.



"Although rare, we continue to put passengers who refuse to follow the required face-covering rules on our no fly list," Bastian said in the memo, which was reviewed by Reuters.

To obtain a boarding pass, passengers on major US airlines have to check a box confirming that they will follow the mask policy.

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Airline gate agents can deny boarding to anyone not wearing a mask before the flight.



But on the plane, there is little flight attendants can do to ensure compliance other than threatening to put passengers on a list that would ban them from future travel on that airline.

Delta also doubled its staffing to handle revamped pre-flight "pit stops" for deeper cleaning and wants to ensure that tray tables and restroom door handles are germ-free with a new testing process, the head of Delta's new Global Cleanliness division Mike Medeiros said on Monday.

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Depending on the aircraft's size, Delta is deploying at least eight pre-flight cabin cleaners, up from three to five previously.

It also adopted a new "pit stop mentality" based on industrial engineering studies into the extra resources required for cleaning each plane type, said Medeiros.

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