Victorias Health Boss Warns Bad News Will Continue

Victoria might have a couple of months of bad news ahead about death and hospitalisation numbers in the coronavirus outbreak, a top health official warns.

VicHealth chief executive Sandro Demaio says it takes time for measures such as the lockdown and compulsory masks to take effect.

The state suffered another blow on Monday, with six deaths and a record 532 cases.

“This is really one of the tough things about this virus—it will take at least two weeks to see whether weve made a clear difference from any major new measure we put in place,” the CEO of Victorias health promotion body told the ABC.

“We probably wont see those cases come down to single digits, some experts are saying, (for) many, many weeks.

“The delay between taking measures and then seeing those hospitalisation numbers come down—that could take between two and even eight weeks.

“Then finally the death rates coming down, based on other countries … that could even take two or two and a half months to start to come down.”

Apart from the public health emergency, there is a significant mental health challenge as Victorians weather their lockdown.

“The numbers today are disappointing, theyre frustrating and … we do have a shared sense of grief,” Demaio said.

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