We Know One Thing About Nicola Peltz’s Wedding Dress: It’ll Definitely Be Posh

Supermodel and actress Nicola Peltz has been a longtime fashion fixture, having sat in many a front row during Fashion Week and walked plenty of red carpets for movie premieres. (Nicola's big and small screen credits include Transformers: Age of Extinction and Bates Motel.) Now, she just so happens to be engaged to Brooklyn Beckham, whose mother could very well design her wedding dress. Wouldn't that be easy?

Victoria Beckham was behind the canary yellow ruffled midi dress Nicola wore to celebrate her engagement with family and friends, and it shined. Of course, it was well accessorized with Nicola's new sparkler. But judging from Victoria's design history and Nicola's strongest style moments, the two would make a pretty great team for collaborating on a bridal look.

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