Poll Suggests COVID-19 May Not Be Altering Canada Day Celebrations for Many Canadians

OTTAWA—COVID-19 means the true north is not entirely free this Canada Day, but a new survey suggests thats not going to change how many people mark the holiday.

Leger Marketing and Association for Canadian Studies surveyed Canadians asking whether, given all thats gone on in the last three months with the COVID-19 pandemic, theyll be more or less likely to find a way to celebrate this year.

For 42 percent of those polled, this Canada Day will be no different than any other.

Sixteen percent overall of those surveyed are feeling that true patriot love—they say theyre more likely this year to find a way to celebrate, even if its just a small gathering.

The feeling is strongest in B.C., the province widely seen as weathering the COVID-19 storm better than others. There, 22 percent say theyre more likely to party.

But 38 percent overall in Canada are standing on guard, saying its actually less likely theyll mark the holiday.

In Ontario, still struggling with pockets of oubtreaks, 44 percent say theyre less likely to mark the occasion, and the figure is the same for those in Alberta.

In the U.S., where there is a surge of outbreaks and some states have even revised their opening plans, 39 percent of those polled say its less likely theyll mark their own national holiday, the Fourth of July.

For 35 percent of Americans, their plans are unchanged, while 18 percent say theyre more likely to celebrate.

The poll surveyed 1,524 Canadians and 1,002 Americans online between June 26 and June 28 and cannot assigned a margin of error because internet polls are not considered truly random.

As both countries get set to celebrate, there is more of a divide when it comes to how theyre feeling about their respective nations.

Of those polled, 90 percent say theyre proud to be Canadian, compared to 74 percent of Americans.

For Americans, it is a phrase rooted in the DeRead More – Source