North Korea Says Its Only Option Is to Counter Nuclear With Nuclear Against US

North Koreas communist regime said it will bolster its nuclear capabilities, claiming it is the only option available.

The country, making the statement on the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, said nuclear arms have “become an indispensable strategic option for our people, who were subjected to disastrous disturbances of war on this land by the U.S., to possess the powerful war deterrent for national defense.”

“In order to eliminate the nuclear threats from the US, the DPRK government has made all possible efforts either through dialogue or in resort to the international law, but all ended in a vain effot (sic). The only option left was to counter [nuclear] with [nuclear],” the state-run KCNA said. “In the long run, the US compelled us to possess nuke (sic),” it added.

The bellicose statement comes about a week after a period of escalated tension between North and South Korea in which dictator Kim Jong Uns sister, Kim Yo Jong, issued direct threats to Seoul after defectors flew leaflets over the border.

Epoch Times Photo
Epoch Times Photo
Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Koreas leader Kim Jong Un attends a wreath-laying ceremony at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi, Vietnam, on March 2, 2019. (Jorge Silva/Pool Photo via AP, File)

The U.S. State Department hasnt responded to a request for comment.

In June, North Korea blew up an inter-Korea liaison office, while South Korea said it would hold a “resolute military posture” and issued warnings to Pyongyang. North Korea also threatened to send troops to the demilitarized zone, which would breach the inter-Korean military treaty signed in 2018.

The Trump administration and Kim Jong Uns regime held a series of talks, in which President Donald Trump met personally with Kim, but they didnt come to a binding accord on the countrys nuclear weapons testing.

On Wednesday, North Korea said it had suspended a military action against the South, without elaborating. The state-run Korean Central News Agency said that Kim “took sRead More – Source