Jacquie Beltrao opens up on ‘living nightmare’ as breast cancer returns

JACQUIE BELTRAO has opened up about battling breast cancer for a second time, as the Sky Sports presenter admitted to fans that she and her family have been “walking through a living nightmare” for the past four weeks following her diagnosis.

Sky Sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao, 55, has revealed her breast cancer has returned and is “nastier” than before.

The former Olympic gymnast informed her 67,000 Twitter followers that doctors told her she had grade three breast cancer after she went to get a lump checked out.

Jacquie was previously diagnosed with breast cancer on Christmas Eve in 2013 and underwent a mastectomy shortly afterwards.

She was later given the all clear but confirmed her disease has now returned in a moving video, which she shared today.

In the clip, the mum-of-three said: “During lockdown I took my own advice, did a check and found a tiny lump just here. Had it checked out and biopsied straight away.

“Turns out it’s a grade three breast cancer, much nastier than the first one I had.

“I’m sharing this because it felt weird to be going back to work on Sky and being on social media and acting like everything was shiny and perfect and fun when it wasnt.”

She continued: “For the last four weeks myself and my family have been walking through a living nightmare.

“But I am where I am. I’ve got a great medical team around me, my amazing family and all the support of my friends.”