Phillip Schofield causes chaos as he crashes GMB

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD caused chaos on Good Morning Britain earlier today when the This Morning host gatecrashed the studio during a debate on whether men who dye their hair are vain.

Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard welcomed Richard Blackwood and Jake Quickenden on to Good Morning Britain to discuss men who embrace signs of ageing and those who dye their hair to keep the grey at bay. However, halfway during the discussion This Morning‘s Phillip Schofield unexpectedly stormed the studio and weighed in on the debate.

During the discussion, Richard passionately put his case forward for embracing his own grey hairs and host Ben agreed.

Meanwhile, Jake admitted he dyes his hair to cover up the grey and argued theres nothing wrong with wanting to look good.

However, during the debate, Ben suddenly shouted: “Weve been invaded!”

The camera panned to the GMB studio door as silver fox Phillip wandered in and temporarily joined the debate.

“Weve been invaded, weve been invaded,” Ben repeated as Richard and Jake looked on confused.

“The silver fox himself is here,” Susanna shouted and Ben added: “The original silver fox.”

Introducing the This Morning presenter to Richard and Jake, Susanna said: “Phillip Schofield is here rocking the grey.”

“Phillip, you dyed it for a long time, why did you decide to stop dying?” Ben asked.

“I got bored,” Phillip replied and Ben asked: “You got bored of getting up and having to dye it everyday?”

“It was expensive,” the This Morning host added as Ben burst out laughing.

“Youve embraced and you own it, thats the thing as well,” the GMB host remarked.

Revealing why he crashed the GMB studio, Phillip said: “I had to come up,” and Ben agreed: “Quite right too.”

The This Morning host then said goodbye to the GMB team and waltzed back out of the studio.

Later, Susanna was forced to intervene in the debate as Richard and Jake clashed on the topic.

“If you want to dye it thats fine but dont be afraid to say its a form of vanity because youre trying to look younger or look more appealing,” Richard said. “Is that not a form of vanity or am I going crazy?”

“Well I just dont know whether Im going to go out there and say Im dying my hair because Im vain, Im not sure its something that sounds nice,” Susanna said.

Jake added: “Its like saying youre only doing it to please someone else but why cant people do things to make themselves happy?”

“You keep changing my narrative, thats not what I said, Im saying its a form of vanity,” Richard hit back.

Interrupting, Jake remarked: “You did say to please someone, to seem appealing to someone.”

“Can I finish?” Richard asked as Susanna was forced to step in and ensure the EastEnders actor finished his point.

“I said that because youre really trying to drive a point but you know what Im saying, if you look in the mirror after doing a workout and you think you look good its a form of vanity, its not a negative term.”