Iranian Ex-Judge Dies in Romania, Falls From Hotel Window

BUCHAREST, Romania—A former Iranian judge sought by his country to face corruption charges died Friday after a fall in a hotel in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, the head of the Iranian polices international department said.

The confirmation of Gholamreza Mansouris death came from Romanian police, said Irans Interpol chief Gen. Hadi Shirzad, who was quoted by Irans semi-official INSA news agency.

Shirzad said Romanian authorities told Iran that the 66-year-old Mansouri “had thrown himself out of the window of his hotel in Bucharest.” An investigation by Irans international police is underway, he said.

Earlier, Romanian police had confirmed only that a man had fallen from a high floor at a Bucharest hotel and was found dead at 2:30 p.m. local time. They didnt identify him.

Gholamreza Mansouri
Gholamreza Mansouri
Police cars are parked outside the Duke Hotel where Gholamreza Mansouri died after falling from a high floor inside a hotel, in Bucharest, Romania, on June 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Andreea Alexandru)

Mansouri, who fled Iran last year after authorities there alleged he took about 500,000 euros ($560,000) in bribes, was facing an extradition request by Iran and had denied the allegations. He said last week in a video statement that he left Iran for unspecified medical treatment and that coronavirus travel restrictions prevented him from returning to face the charges.

The spokesman for Irans foreign ministry, Abbas Mousavi, said that his country asked Romanian authorities to send an official report, state-run IRNA news agency reported.

Mousavi said the judge had recently visited the Iranian Embassy and discussed how to return to Iran, “and because he was wanted by the Iranian judiciary through the international police, he was arrested by Romanian Interpol.”

Earlier this week, journalist rights groups and Iranian dissidents urged Romania to not deport Mansouri, saying he should be prosecuted in Europe for ordering the mass arrest of reporters while serving as a judge in Tehran.

The German chapter of Reporters Without Borders filed a complaint with federal prosecutors in Germany last week, urging that Mansouri be investigated on allegations of torture and human rights abuses for ordering the arrest of 20 reporters in Iran in 2013.

German prosecutors confirmed Wednesday they were looking into the complaint, and Reporters without Borders said it had now filed a secRead More – Source