Infodemic Undermines Democracy: Australian Foreign Minister

Disinformation spread by countries such as China and Russia is undermining democracy and creating fear and division. That was the pointed message from Foreign Minister Marise Payne in a speech at the Australian National Universitys National Security College on Tuesday night.

The European Commission issued a report last week that concluded Russia and China were the main culprits in carrying out targeted disinformation campaigns “seeking to undermine democratic debate and exacerbate social polarisation, and improve their own image in the COVID-19 context.”

Social media platform Twitter has also disclosed over 32,000 accounts as state-linked information operations which the company attributed to China, Russia and Turkey.

Senator Payne described it as an “infodemic.”

“It is troubling that some countries are using the pandemic to undermine liberal democracy and promote their own, more authoritarian models,” Senator Payne said.

She also rejected as “disinformation” Chinese warnings that tourists and students should reconsider coming to Australia because of the risk of racism.

“I can say emphatically that Australia will welcome students and visitors from all over the world, regardless of race, gender or nationality,” she said.

“The disinformation we have seen contributes to a climate of fear and division when what we need is cooperation and understanding.”

She reiterated a comment by Prime Minister Scott Morrison who praised the swift health-protecting actions of Chinese-Australians returning from China in the early periRead More – Source