‘It’s Stalinist!’ Tory MP in furious GMB outburst over forced removal statues across UK

CONSERVATIVE MP Robert Halfon branded as “Stalinist” the forced removal of statues as he commented on the toppling of a controversial monument to Edward Colston in Bristol.

The Conservative MP raged at the forced removal of the Bristol statue as he conceded the UK must engage on an educational debate about controversial figures. A large crowd attending a Black Lives Matter protest on Sunday toppled a monument to Bristol benefactor Edward Colston over his links to the slave trade, sparking controversy over the action. Asked whether he could understand the motives for the forced removal, Mr Halfon told Good Morning Britain: “I utterly opposed to people tearing down statues.

“Its a bit Stalinist in its nature.

“I think we need to have a national conversation about these individuals, we need to make a judgement on whether they did more good than bad.

“Id like, at the bottom of the statue, a little explanation about what these people did but it should say this person was a slaver.

“He may have done good as well and we have to make judgement calls.”