Kate Garraway details sick husband’s moving text about ‘dying’ shortly before induced coma

KATE GARRAWAY – Good Morning Britain host – spoke candidly about her heartbreak as the small-screen star revealed the details of her husband Derek Draper’s text message to her before being admitted to intensive care.

Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper was hospitalised at the end of March after becoming worryingly breathless. The Good Morning Britain presenter’s spouse is still under treatment in the intensive care unit.

The 53-year-old’s husband tested positive for coronavirus and was later placed in an induced coma but has yet to regain consciousness.

Kate has now opened up about the moments leading up to Derek being hospitalised and admitted he believed he was “doing great” and doctors were hopeful he would make a full recovery.

Speaking to The Sun, the GMB host explained: “Even when he got to hospital, and tested positive for the virus, doctors were very hopeful of recovery.

“Theres a text from him on my phone saying, The doctors have been round, theyre saying Im definitely not going to die. Im doing great.”

But to the presenter’s dismay, things only “escalated from there” as Derek’s symptoms began to worsen.

She recalled him saying he felt like he was “suffocating” and was unable to catch his breath.

“But it escalated from there,” Kate told the publication. “He said he felt like he was constantly on the moment of suffocating, all of the time.”

She added: “He had to take it second by second . . . Another breath, another breath. They then put him in a coma.”

Kate said she feels like she has “fallen down a rabbit hole” since Derek’s hospitalisation.

She explained: “I feel like Ive fallen down a rabbit hole — and never quite hit the bottom, thank God, because I think the bottom would probably be finding out hed died.”

The broadcaster and their two children Darcey, 14, and William, 10, haven’t seen Derek in person since he was taken away in an ambulance.

Kate went on to discuss their youngest child, who returned to primary school this week for the first time since the pandemic shut down the UK, when the youngster would normally be walked there by his dad.

She said Billy had also built a den next to his side of the bed and sleeps there each night.

Meanwhile, Kate returned to GMB on Friday to give viewers and her colleagues an update on her spouse’s health.

She revealed he is now Covid free but has a long road ahead for him to regain his full health.

The presenter spoke candidly about her spouse’s current recovery and how coronavirus had “wreaked extraordinary damage” on his body.

Her GMB co-star Susanna Reid offered her well-wishes to Kate’s family following her emotional appearance on the show.

In view of her 755,000 Twitter followers, she praised Kate for being a “tower of strength”.

Susanna penned: Oh @kategarraway you are such a tower of strength for Derek and the children.

“So much love for you all. Everyone watching is with you, hoping for that miracle.”