When It Comes to Addressing Haters, We Should All Take Page Out of Halima Adens Book

This weekend, Halima Aden, once again proved to be a fierce force to be reckoned. Aden, who has been notably and rightfully vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement taking place in the US and countless countries around the world, took to her social media to share a disturbing video of an unidentified white man, mocking her for wearing a hijab, and for appearing in Sports Illustrated last year.

Determined to use the moment to set an example as well as a reminder for her young sisters, Halima shared the post alongside a powerful caption, which read: "Getting called "towel head" when you're a kid is one thing but imagine growing up, finding success, and still putting up with this sh*t. I apologize if this video is triggering but this is MY experience being a BLACK, MUSLIM WOMAN IN THIS COUNTRY. No matter how educated, successful, or unproblematic I am .. there will always be someone ready to tear me down. All this hate because I simply wanted to wear a modest swimsuit… well guess what? My body is NOT for your consumption. I'm posting this to tell my little sisters who follow me that hate will come your way but you must KEEP GOING. Don't let it numb your heart or make you feel less than. You have every right to pursue your passions and lead a happy, healthy life. The hate they give will never diminish your light ♥ when you need a reminder, save this and read it again. YOU are worthy! You're hijab is your crown 👑 Your existence matters just like anyone else's ♥ You are a Queen & You got this!👏🏾👏🏾"

Friends and fans of the model were quick to vocalize their support, highlighting the sheer ignorance and bigotry of the maRead More – Source