John Boyega expresses thanks for B L M support

Star Wars actor John Boyega has expressed his thanks for the “love and support” he received after his high-profile intervention in the Black Lives Matter protests.

In a post on social media, Boyega wrote: “This is an intense time for our community, and the most important thing is for us to maintain momentum and not lose sight of how critical it is to pursue long-term solutions and commitments, for the sake of our generation, and the next.”

at a Black Lives Matter rally in London on 3 June in support of the widespread protests in the US over the killing of George Floyd. “Black lives have always mattered,” Boyega said in his speech. “We have always been important. We have always meant something. We have always succeeded regardless. And now is the time. I aint waiting.”

In his social media post Boyega added: “I know youre all thinking, whats next? Where do we go from here? Because Im thinking the same shit! Conversations about black businesses, ownership and support are happening, and I will continue to have these conversations with the full intention of birthing ideas that are sustainable and tangible.”

Boyega also posted a series of pictures from pre-lockdown visits to schools in the London borough of Southwark, showing him interacting with awestruck pupils. He wrote: “Connecting with our kids and motivating them towards a future that is stronger and brighter, is urgent, and necessary. In the meantime, lets work on clearing the runway for them, so they can take off, and fly.”