Were in Love with Abeer Sinder’s Inspiring Beauty Mission and Her Fierce Makeup Looks

Saudi beauty influencer Abeer Sinder is known for changing up her look and embracing new trends. Beyond her easy-to-follow tutorials, the Bali-based beauty has spoken out about her journey as the first black beauty vlogger in the Kingdom and the lack of representation she felt growing up.

Determined to provide a strong, positive, and relatable voice to millions of women worldwide, the Saudi blogger started her own YouTube channel, Abeer Sinder, which not only shares quick and easy beauty tutorials but also addresses vital beauty standard issues.

"There is still a lot of ignorance; I want to change people's perceptions of beauty and help them think and learn to embrace different forms of beauty. I want to inspire and be inspired," the Saudi beauty queen previously told Teen Vogue.

Adding: "There is no one definition of beauty, and beauty standaRead More – Source