Holly Willoughby left squirming as embarrassing blunder goes public

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY was left shouting at Michael McIntyre this evening after an embarrassing photo surfaced during the Send To All game.

Holly Willoughby previously took part Michael McIntyres Big Show and tonight, the comedian was looking back at some of the best bits from the shows history. BBC One viewers tuned in to see the This Morning presenter feature, and they were told about the embarrassing moment she had with her cleaner, a tampon and her childrens sweet box. Naturally, explaining the moment left Holly Willoughby squirming in her seat, but the audience was in hysterics.

Holly Willoughby was part if the Send To All game which sees Michael draft a text message which gets sent to everyone in the celebritys contact list.

Before this happens, the host has a snoop through the famous faces photographs and when it was Hollys turn, she had a lot of explaining to do when an image appeared on-screen showing a box of sweets.

“Whats going on here Hol?” Michael asked and she was seen giggling and hiding behind her hands.

“So this picture… my husband went down the stairs last night to go and get some sweets out of our kids sweet cupboard, Holly began in between squeals.

“We have a very lovely lady who comes in and cleans for us sometimes… she emptied my handbag… in there was some sweets for the kids and also possibly a tampon.”

The audience laughed but Holly continued: “And obviously she thought… so my husband took a photo and sent me it going Darling, Im not sure this should be in the sweet cupboard.”

Michael added: “Alright, well that is very awkward.”

As if that moment wasnt humiliating enough, Michael was up for causing more mischief.

“One of the things we all love about you Hol, as youre surrounded by your lovely girls, is youre very down-to-earth, girl-next-door, very modest. Youre just like us, youre certainly not arrogant in anyway,” the host said.

Reading as he typed, it was time for Send To All, and Michael began with: “As you know, I am a global style icon. This Morning are doing a feature where I help people with absolutely no dress sense.

“And I immediately thought of you. What WAS that hideous thing you were wearing last time I saw you.

“Hope you wont be offended but could you come in with a few of your outfits for Phil and I to laugh at.

“In return youll get a whole new wardrobe. What do you say? Need to know asap. xxx.”

After pressing send, it wasnt long before Hollys celebrity pals replied.

This Morning co-star Rylan Clark-Neal simply joked: “Stop drinking.”

Jamie Oliver also responded: “Hi Hols, Im not going to pretend your text didnt offend me, but to be honest, Im so sick and tired of my checked shirts.

“Ive been stuck in a real rut since the naked chef, I deffo need help, Ill bring them all in tomorrow, Im so up for a new wardrobe, Love Jamie.”

“This is from Louis Walsh ladies and gentleman,” Michael continued.