Dr Hilary blasts Government face mask U-turn

DR Hilary Jones hit out at the Government after it was announced Britons will have to wear face masks on public transport from June 15.

Dr Hilary challenged the Government’s decision to make the use of face masks compulsory on public transport to limit the spread of the coronavirus from June 15. The Good Morning Britain contributor said the use of face coverings should become routine immediately, insisting masks can help when social distancing is not possible. Speaking to GMB, Dr Hilary said: “I think the 15 days delay is in order to put in place facilities to fine people, to make it compulsory, to make sure people if they are travelling on public transport are wearing a mask or are refused travel.

“I think that’s what the delay is. It should be done now.

“I have always said, where people can’t socially distance, they should be wearing some kind of face covering. It stops people from picking up the virus from people who may be symptomatic or not who’ve got the virus.

“If they are wearing a mask, there is a limited amount of evidence that it does protect other people if others are wearing face coverings.”

Dr Hilary also urged Britons not to be complacent as lockdown measures start to be relaxed further later in the month.

The physician said NHS colleagues are worried about a second wave of the virus washing through the UK as more people are allowed out.

Dr Hilary continued: “If you talk to my NHS colleagues, they are very concerned that we will see a second wave. In fact, they are planning for a second wave.

“We can mitigate by being responsible, by taking care, by staying at home as much as possible, working from home.

“Hand-washing, don’t forget that. People are starting to be a bit complacent about that again, and social distancing is still very important.