Art for a good cause: artists show their support for Black Lives Matter

The Los Angeles artist and activist Nikkolas Smith, whose digital portrait of George Floyd wearing a suit has gone viral in recent days—thanks to re-posts by Michele Obama and the Black Lives Matter group—is one of a number of artists drawing awareness to pro-black and anti-racist causes via social media. Posting Floyds portrait on 29 May, Smith described police officer Derek Chauvins arrest as “not justice” adding that his conviction “will only be a fraction of justice”. “Black lives in this country are being destroyed by a virus of racism, fear, and hatred,” Smith continues. “It is up to everyone to take a stand and actively work to tear down this centuries-old pandemic. NOW.”

Other artists calling for donations to funds such as the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, the Committee to Protect Journalists and the George Floyd Memorial Fund include Andrew Dat Tran, who has painted a group of people lifting a giant knee off a man lying face first on the ground. Addie Wagenknecht is offering to send one of her prints depicting the US protests to anyone who donates more than $100 to Black Lives Matter or other organisations dedicated to people of colour, trans people, bail funds and #vote2020. And along with posting portraits of peaceful protesters, and victims of police violence including Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT who was shot by police in her home, Shirien Damra has urged her Instagram followers to donate to causes including Dream Defenders, Black Youth Project 100, Read More – Source