I take my hat off to twisted plots, says Jodie Comer

ACTRESS Jodie Comer has saluted the Killing Eve writers for their eccentric plots and murders on the hit show.

The star admits she sometimes feels they may run out of wacky ideas but is staggered at the eccentric nature of the assassinations when seeing new scripts. Jodie Comer, who plays hitwoman Villanelle, has taken out her foes with a toxic perfume, a hat pin to the eye and even cling film. She says: “Always as we end each series I am like, ‘Okay guys how are we going to possibly carry this on?’

“And then lo and behold the writers come along and create these visions that I would never ever think to happen.

“It is always a joy to see what they are going to make me do.”

The 27-year-old, said working on the BBC show is a laugh a minute, thanks to veteran British actresses Dame Harriet Walter and Fiona Shaw.

She said: “They are insanely talented, are ridiculously funny, and are the first people to laugh at themselves or make fun of themselves. So to be around that on set, it’s a wonderful, playful atmosphere. That’s when you get the best of people.”

Liverpudlian Jodie Comer said having Dame Harriet play her old mentor Dasha has been a “trip”. She added: “She is just wonderful. What was incredible was we’re only just meeting Dasha, but we have to feel as an audience that these women have got a lot of history.

“They’re both equally as dangerous – they are kind of kindred spirits, they have a very similar sense of humour and there’s a likeness between them.

“We have to create this history on camera but me and Harriet just got along very, very well.”