Charlie Stayt left red-faced as his remark about co-star’s look backfires

CHARLIE STAYT was back on BBC Breakfast this morning alongside Naga Munchetty and the conversation focused mostly on schools reopening after new lockdown measures were announced this week. However, Charlie was left red-faced after he was scolded for a comment he made about one of his co-hosts’ appearance.

BBC Breakfast continued today on BBC One with Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty had a rather bizarre request for viewers. They wanted to see photos of your grumpy cats, as pet owners worry how their beloved animals will cope when everyone goes back to work. But, a comment from Charlie aimed at weatherman Ben Rich left Naga stunned and an awkward silence rattling through the studio.

During a conversation about how cats and dogs will deal with separation anxiety when the UK lockdown is finally lifted, Charlie asked if you could tell how a cat was feeling from their expression.

Naga took to Twitter and said: “Good morning! Charlie asks, ‘Can you tell if a cat is grumpy by its facial expression?’

“I’m not sure… If you have pics of your grumpy cat – Send ’em to us – I would love to see them! @BBCBreakfast.”(sic)

Hundreds of viewers have been taking to Twitter this morning to post pictures of their grumpy cats.

However, later in the programme Charlie made a comment about weatherman Ben Richs appearance, which nearly backfired.

Ben revealed what a beautiful weekend viewers are in for, with high temperatures and sunny, clear skies.

But, when Ben threw it back over to Charlie and Naga, the show was thrown into chaos over a comment from Charlie.

Naga said: “Ben, I think you will have half the cat population satisfied and half the cat population unsatisfied.

“You can please some of the cats some of the time but not all of them all the time.”

Charlie pointed at Ben and said: “There is a little bit of the Cheshire cat, Can I just say?”

Naga gasped and signalled him to be quiet saying “Charlie, what are you saying?”

Charlie continued: “Look hes not going to smile now deliberately. There is a bit of the Cheshire cat there isn’t there?

“Is it just me?” he added, “Ok, let’s move on.”

Ben chipped in: “Ive never heard that before Charlie but I am sure people will write in now.”

The host added: “I don’t think its a bad thing, can I just say that?

“I don’t think its a bad thing. I am making no more cat comparisons this morning ok? It’s 7.46am – that’s over.”

Naga looked uncomfortable but they all laughed it off and quickly moved on passing over to sports reporter Mike Bushell.

As it stands, Naga has had more than 230 replies from viewers with pictures of grumpy cats.

And there are even more being sent directly to the BBC Breakfast Twitter account.

So, can you tell if a cat is grumpy from its facial expression?