Piers Morgan: Ruth Langsford drops bombshell with confession about ITV colleague

PIERS MORGAN seems to have caught the eye of ITV colleague Ruth Langsford with his charisma as the This Morning star made a confession about the Good Morning Britain host on today’s instalment of the topical television show.

Piers Morgan, 55, is one of ITVs biggest stars and although he has been taking a break from his usual role on GMB this week, it hasnt stopped him becoming the centre of attention. On todays edition of This Morning, the journalist became the focus of discussion as Ruth Langsford, 60, opened up about her thoughts on the broadcaster. Since the moment aired, the presenter has since taken to social media to respond to the admission and couldnt help but tease Eamonn Holmes, 60, over the bombshell revelation.

Ruth and her husband were joined on the programme by comedian Alan Carr, 43, ahead of his Epic Gameshow starting tomorrow night on the same channel.

To get into the spirit of things, the hosting duo took part in one of the challenges which contestants will participate in during the series.

The Chatty Man told Eamonn and his wife they couldnt answer his questions with “Yes” or “No” but could respond by any other means.

As the segment commenced, one of the first questions put to the Loose Women panellist was whether she was married to Piers.

By replying, the presenter made a bombshell confession as she said sitting next to her husband: “I would like to be.”

Eamonn was left in hysterics over the comment, with Alan asking her again in amazement: “You would like to be?”

“I think I might like to be,” she replied, to which her husband asked after laughing out loud: “Have you been drinking?”

Trying to throw her off-piste, the comedian then toyed with her again as he said: “Your real husband is Eamonn Bungalows, am I right?”

“Holmes,” Ruth added before the moment was glanced over as the game show host asked her more questions about herself.

However, her confession didnt go unnoticed online as Piers Morgan saw a headline which was written whereby Ruth said she would like to be married to him.

In view of his 7.5 million followers, the Good Morning Britain presenter wrote: “Perfectly understandable @RuthieeL… sorry mate @EamonnHolmes, followed by a laughing face emoji.

The commentary was all in jest, with the This Morning star happily married to her co-host Eamonn and the journalist married to wife, Celia Walden, 44.

Having tied the knot to his spouse 10 years ago, the father-of-four has spoken out about the secrets behind the pair never arguing.

Speaking on GMB last week, the journalist had another tiff with his co-star Susanna Reid, 49, with no malice to the argument.

Though, the latter asked: “Just out of interest in your arguments with your other half who is the one who stops first?”

Piers Morgan replied: “We don’t really argue. Because I spend all day shouting at people so I get home and I can’t be bothered.”

Shocked by his answer, the broadcasters co-anchor said: “Seriously? So you spend three hours a day arguing with me for your job and that means that you don’t argue with Celia?”

“Yes seriously,” Piers said, going to add: “In 15 years I can count on three fingers the amount of proper arguments. I just can’t be bothered.

“Once that doors shut, give me a glass of wine, I’m easily pleased, and also I’m always right, she’s just accepted that. I don’t want all that frenzy.”

Similarly, Ruth and Eamonn have disagreements on air, but it is always light-hearted as they bounce off one another.

The This Morning duo have been husband and wife for 10 years after tying the not back in 2010 and have one son together, Jack Holmes.