A 20,000-foot mural in Queens honours doctor who died on the frontline of Covid-19

Somos La Luz, a mural by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada depicting the Queens doctor Ydelfonso Decoo, who died on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic

A 20,000-foot mural in Queens by the Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada is nearly complete. The massive street painting, titled Somos La Luz (we are the light), depicts Dr Ydelfonso Decoo, a pediatrician and one of the first minority doctors to die during the pandemic. Dr Decoo was part of SOMOS Community Care, a physician-led network of mainly Latino and Chinese doctors who treat patients from marginalised communities, like those in Queens hardest hit by the coronavirus.

“I want the mural to create a dialogue, I want people to understand that theres a disproportionate amount of Latino and African Americans who are dying from the coronavirus,” Rodriguez-Gerada says. “A lot of these deaths have to do with them being on the frontlines. Theyre running transit and they are caregivers—theyre the ones that have to go to work and cant just quarantine and stay home for two months. So we have to really give thanks, and at the same time when theres so much racial division and normalisation of white supremacy, someones got to create something to allow us to mourn.”

The mural is being painted on a city-owned parking lot between the Queens Museum and the New York State Pavilion, and was organised with help from the immigrants rights organisation Make the Road New York and El Read More – Source