There May Be a Good Reason For Men to Shave Their Beards Amid Coronavirus Concerns

On a good day, facial hair can spark a lot of debates. (Just look at how the internet blew up when Cole Sprouse shared his social-distancing mustache with the world.) To shave or not to shave is often a conversation, but no matter where you stand on the beard, mustache, or clean shaven debate, it's worth revisiting during the pandemic. According to two experts, a barbershop owner and a dermatologist, there might be a good reason for some men to shave their beards during the coronavirus. (Clean-shaven supporters, don't rejoice just yet.)

The reason: your face covering, which is currently recommended to be worn in public by the CDC, could be rendered less effective if you have facial hair — but it depends on the type of mask you're wearing. "Specifically for N-95 masks, which require achieving an adequate seal between the mask and the face, hair growth between the skin and the face piece will impede the sealing surface, compromising its efficacy," board-certified dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD, told POPSUGAR.

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