Iain Duncan Smith lashes out at Sadiq Khan’s ‘sheer stupidity’ in London travel plan

IAIN DUNCAN SMITH attacked London Mayor Sadiq Khan for his “sheer stupidity” regarding the handling of travel plans in the capital during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith took aim at the controversial London Mayor Sadiq Khan during a scathing rant on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. GMB host Piers Morgan questioned the Conservative MP on his thoughts of Mr Khan’s handling of the London travel situation during the coronavirus crisis. Mr Morgan noted Mr Khan is giving advice that conflicts with that of the Government on whether Londoners should use public transport.

Iain Duncan Smith claimed he could not believe the London Mayor would be increasing the congestion charge to fund his Transport for London bailout, while at the same insisting Britons do not use public transport.

Mr Morgan said: “You have got the Government saying one thing about the use of public transport and cars and you have got the Mayor of London doing stuff that will have the opposite effect.”

Iain Duncan Smith replied: “I have already had a go at the Mayor on Friday when I heard this.

“I couldn’t believe it, this is ludicrous.

“Just at the moment when we are feeling our way forward, today more people will be going back to work.

“I have just been inundated with constituents saying what kind of choice is it now.

“We have been told it should be preferred that we go back to work by car rather than public transport.

“But at the same time, Sadiq Khan is now going to penalise us for that.

“This is a stupid decision, absolutely stupid.”

The Tory MP then explained the preferred course of action the London Mayor should have taken during this crisis.

He added public transport needed to be managed well during this time as we go back to work and solutions needed to work for the Government as well as the people.

He said: “What we should have done is keep the congestion charge in the ULEZ off the books and let people get back to work.

“Settle down what works best for them, we need time to figure out how public transport will work in this period.

“We need to figure out how we would control it, what other things we will need to do, whether it is feasible to get more people onto the Tubes, more cleaning going on, all of that.

“This is the period where we are feeling our way forward and it is sheer stupidity to then wack the people who have chosen to just go back by cars, because they have been advised to do so, with these extra charges.”

Mr Duncan Smith closed by saying: “This is going to affect all sorts of people.

“So I think this was very, very poor from the Mayor to make this decision.”