New work by Chinese dissident artist shows support for Hong Kong protests

COPENHAGEN: A new work by Chinese dissident artist Badiucao in support of Hong Kong protesters shows the image of a lone man standing in the path of a tank taken on Tiananmen Square in 1989.

But in Badiucao's version of the photograph, which came to be one of the most recognisable images of the 20th century, the tank is carrying a huge particle of COVID-19.



The work was unveiled on Friday (May 15) in front of the Danish parliament in Copenhagen, three days before start of the trial in Hong Kong of 15 activists, including veteran politicians and a publishing tycoon, on charges of "organising and taking part in unlawful assembly".

Badiucao said his work, A New Tank, is a protest against the Chinese government which he believes is utilising the diversion created by the global pandemic to crack down on the Hong Kong movement.

"Because of the pandemic situation and as countries are busy controlling it, the Hong Kong government will do more to crack down on the protests and the leaders and activists of the movement, and they will see it as an opportunity to do it quietly," Badiucao told Reuters in a video conference from Australia, where he lives.

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