Alice In Wonderland Was Missing One Thing: Kate Spades New Mushroom Bag

Hold up, someone call Disney, because I think we need to remake the live-action version of Alice in Wonderland and get Mia Wasikowska into the Kate Spade New York showroom for a wardrobe appointment. The Fall 2020 collection introduces a line of fairy-tale chic accessories and feminine clothing in a beautiful jewel-tone palate (a color trend that will be huge leading into next season). Designer Nicola Glass created the new line with fantasy in mind, but she doesn't take themes too literally, instead adding subtle touches where she can.

What does that mean for Kate Spade? It means mushroom rings you can mix and match with your delicate stacks and jewelry that is more everyday, bags with crochet overlay seemingly stitched into a garden scene with a bunny rabbit figure in the corner. The wonderland imagery isn't obvious, but it's easy to pick up on if you have an imagination. Things get more playful when you take the adorable mushroom bag into consideration, complete with a top handle right over the color blocked mushroom head. No, your eyes aren't playing tricks; that thing is definitely meant to be a mushroom! And the pink bunny rabbit and hedgehog clutch that were tucked into the flowers on either side? Those are definitely Kate Spade's signature conversation starter handbags, too. What would the brand be without them?

There are touches of leopard here too, on a shirt dress and city-chic puffer with a furry collar, because at the end of the day, the Kate Spade giRead More – Source