Kendall Jenner’s Baby Louis Vuitton Is Back Out to Play, and Obviously I’m in Love

What's cuter than a baby Louis Vuitton bag? IMO, absolutely nothing. Kendall Jenner was spotted carrying the rainbow monogrammed mini while shopping in New York City. She wore a sheer blue turtleneck with a pair of baggy leather pants. She completed her look with a corduroy jacket, white sneakers, and square sunglasses. If you're wondering why this adorable can-barely-fit-my-phone-in-it bag looks familiar, it's because you've probably seen it before.

Let's take a trip back to Christmas last year, shall we? Kylie Jenner posted a video of Stormi receiving the mini LV Bag Kim Kardashian bought "for all the baby girls in the fam." Shortly after, Kendall was seen carrying it during a basketball game to see then-boyfriend Ben Simmons. She may have borrowed the adorable satchel from one of her baby nieces or even snagged one for herself. IRead More – Source