New Zealand Resumes Mission to Retrieve Remaining Bodies Following Volcanic Eruption

WELLINGTON—New Zealand police said on Saturday they would search in the waters near the volcanic White Island in their attempts to retrieve two remaining bodies, following a fatal eruption earlier this week.

The remains of six people were successfully retrieved on Friday after a military team in gas masks and hazmat suits went on to the volcano and removed the bodies in a high-risk operation.

Police said they could not retrieve the remains of two more people, but were able to spot at least one body in the waters not too far from the shore.

“The Police Dive Squad and Navy divers this morning resumed their search for a body seen in the water on Tuesday,” police said in a statement.

The police said they will not be returning to the island for a land-based search on Saturday, adding that they were analyzing all information available and assessing possible next steps.

“Todays planning will allow us to return to the island to conduct further land-based searches for the remaining deceased, as the environment on and around the island allows,” police said.

“There will be no return to the island today,” it added in the statement.

New Zealand Volcano Erupts
New Zealand Volcano Erupts
This aerial photo shows White Island after its volcanic eruption in New Zealand on Dec. 9, 2019. (George Novak/New Zealand Herald via AP)

The volcano, a popular tourist destination for day-trippers, erupted on Monday, Dec. 9, spewing ash, steam and gases over the island. Read More – Source