KAWS joins board of American Folk Art Museum

KAWS is a long-time collector of Outsider art Portrait by Nils Mueller

The American Folk Art Museum in New York has elected four new trustees to its board: the contemporary artist KAWS (Brian Donnelly), Sabiha Al Khemir, Jane Shallat, and Joanne Siegmund. “In addition to their wide-ranging and diverse interests, they each cherish the American Folk Art Museum and its mission,” says the boards president Elizabeth V. Warren. “I know they will contribute to a lasting and successful future for the museum.”

KAWS, known for his early cartoon influenced street art that has growing into a booming art practice of painting, sculpture and other media, is a long-time collector of Outsider art, a focus of the museum, and owns works by Martín Ramírez, Henry Darger, Joe Coleman, and William Edmondson. Although he did not grow up with art at home, “unless you count paintings of the woods”, he told us earlier this year, “collecting was ever present, if not conscious”.

Siegmund was formerly an assistant district attorney for New York City and with her late husband Frederick built a collection of 18th- and 19th-century New England painted furniture, decorative objects, paintings, and quilts. She has been an active member of the folk art museums collections and education committees, and has been a member since 1979.

Al Khemir is a professor, novelist, and artist, who has a Masters in Islamic Art and Archaeology and has worked as a curator and consultant for institutioRead More – Source