World Needs to Stand Together Against Communist China: Hong Kong Student Activist

The ongoing crisis in Hong Kong should serve as a wakeup call for the free world to stand together against communist China, says Hong Kong student activist Joey Siu.

The 20-year-old has been a vocal advocate for the ongoing pro-democracy movement in her home city. She is also one of the founders of the Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegation, a group which incorporates 11 college student unions, and arranges meetings with international officials to garner support for the protests.

She recently told The Epoch Times American Thought Leaders that protecting the universally shared values held in the former British colony is akin to countering the threats posed by the Chinese communist across the globe.

Beijings Puppet Government

Protests in Hong Kong have continued for six months beginning with calls to abolish a now-withdrawn bill that would allow the Chinese regime to seek people on Hong Kong soil to be sent to the mainland for trial in courts controlled by the Party. The demonstrators have since expanded their demands to include an independent investigation into polices alleged excessive use of force, and genuine universal suffrage.

Hong Kong government leader Carrie Lam have consistently framed the protests as “riots,” and refused to cave in to the protesters further demands.

“It is very obvious that the Hong Kong government is actually a puppet that is manipulated by the Chinese communist party,” Siu said.

“When you are fighting for human rights and democracy in Hong Kong, you have to stand against the Chinese communist party, because you know that they are actually the one who is like giving all the instructions and who is actually planning on Hong Kongs future,” she said.

Uneven Playing Field

The police have made 6,022 arrests and fired around 16,000 rounds of tear gas, as well as 10,000 rubber bullets over the six months of the protest movement, according to the latest press briefing.

“We have never thought that Hong Kong would one day become a battlefield where there are tear gas bullet and rubber bullets flying all around the city almost every week,” Siu said.

Siu said that the level of force used by the protesters and the police are “never equal,” noting that while the police are equipped with guns, tear gas bullets, and pepper spray, protesters have shields made of mattress, tablRead More – Source