Unnao: India woman set on fire on her way to rape case hearing

A 23-year-old alleged rape victim is fighting for her life after she was set on fire while going to court in northern India.

The woman was on her way to a hearing in the case she filed against two men in March, in Uttar Pradesh.

She is in critical condition in hospital, where she is being treated for severe burns.

Five men including two of her alleged rapists have been arrested on suspicion of setting her on fire, police say.

The woman was on her way to a train station when a group of men assaulted her and dragged her to a nearby field, where they set her on fire, according to reports in local media.

Doctors treating her in the hospital in Lucknow city said she had received 90% burn injuries and that she would soon be flown in an air ambulance to the capital, Delhi, for better medical care.

The incident occurred in Unnao district, which was recently in the news over another rape case.

Police opened a murder investigation against a ruling party lawmaker in July after a woman who accused him of rape was seriously injured in a car crash.

Two of her aunts were killed and her lawyer was injured.

This latest incident has sparked widespread outrage in India, which is still reeling under a shocking murder and rape case that grabbed headlines just under a week ago.

A 27-year-old vet in the southern city of Hyderabad was raped and set on fire on 27 November. Protests were held across the country after the victim's charred remains were found following her disappearance last week.

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Another Shocker- This from Unnao, the city infamous for the BJP MLA rape case.

Another girl who had filed a rape complaint earlier this year against 2 people has been SET ABLAZE this morning-fighting for her life.

Another day. Another girl. Just a week after Hyderabad.

— Zeba Warsi (@Zebaism) December 5, 2019

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Today the Unnao Rape accused who was out on bail has burned her victim alive while she was going to court. Is this the India we all want to live in? We call our nation "mother" but still women's condition in india is something we can't even imagRead More – Source