‘La Paz is a city under siege’: Bolivia’s capital struggles as food runs out

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After a week of political protests, food and fuel are running out in Bolivia's capital, La Paz. FRANCE 24 reports from the city whose residents are struggling to get basic provisions.


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Shortages are beginning to hit the Bolivian capital La Paz after a week of roadblocks by anti-government demonstrators.

Supporters of deposed president Evo Morales continue to demand the departure of Jeanine Añez, who proclaimed herself interim president after the resignation of Morales on November 10 amid claims of electoral fraud. Morales has since fled to Mexico.

The rebellion of El Alto, at the gates of the capital, is at the root of these shortages.

FRANCE 24 spoke with market traders as they considered their empty shelves.

"There are no goods, as you can see, the sales positions had to close, there is nothing," said Juan Arteaga MenRead More – Source