British man jailed for sending MP death threat

LONDON: A man who posted a death threat to a British lawmaker was on Friday (Nov 15) jailed for a year, the public prosecutor announced, as it published a safety guide for general election candidates.

Alden Bryce Barlow was convicted in Sheffield, northern England, after admitting to sending the letter to Anna Soubry, which read "Cox was the first, you are the next".



Labour MP Jo Cox was shot dead by a neo-Nazi during the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign.

The letter, sent to Soubry's constituency office in Nottingham, central England, also described Soubry, who has fought to overturn Brexit, as "treacherous" and "worthless".

Prosecutor Gerry Wareham said he hoped the sentence "comforts Ms Soubry and colleagues and deters anyone who would consider such despicable acts against a parliamentarian or a candidate".

The Crown Prosecution Service's advice, drawn up with police and the Electoral Commission, urges candidates not to canvass alone and "take active" steps to protect themselves with tensions already running high ahead of the Dec 12 vote.



"Abuse or intimidation of candidates in elections has serious implications for individuals and for our democracy," said National Police Chiefs Council chairman Martin Hewitt.

"Strong and varied views are the mark of a healthy democracy but these should not cross the line into criminal abuse, harassment or disorder."

Candidates are advised to "keep records of any intimidating behaviour or abuse" and conduct an "online personal health check" to ensure sensitive personal information is not widely avaRead More – Source