Turkey Deporting ISIS Terrorists Back to US and Europe

Turkey began repatriating members of the ISIS terrorist group to their countries of origin on Monday, with the terrorists involved including American, Danish, and German citizens.

The President of the Center for the Analysis of Terrorism in Strasbourg, France, Jean-Charles Brisard, posted on Twitter a report from Turkish TV channel Haber7 on Nov. 12, which he claims shows an ISIS Jihadist of American origin that had been expelled from Turkey into the buffer zone between Turkey and Greece. The report allegedly shows the man waving to reporters after Greece refused to allow him entry.

Un #djihadiste américain de l#EI expulsé par la #Turquie vers la #Grèce est littéralement coincé dans la zone tampon séparant les deux pays après le refus de la Grèce dautoriser son entrée sur le territoire pic.twitter.com/2tSSivFOey

— Jean-Charles Brisard (@JcBrisard) November 11, 2019

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened this week to send ISIS terrorists his country has detained back to Europe. The move comes as Turkish frustrations grow over recent European Union decisions to sanction the country for continuing to drill for oil and gas in areas of the Mediterranean close to the disputed island of Cyprus.

Notorious #ISIS recruiter Tooba Gondal (Umm Muthanna al-Britaniyah), British resident and French national, to be returned to #France by #Turkey with her two children. Gondal is subject to an exclusion order issued by the @ukhomeoffice in Nov 2018 (@CAT_Centre information) pic.twitter.com/YqazIEPioK

— CAT (@CAT_Centre) November 12, 2019

Erdogan said that Turkey, a key NATO ally in the region, would continue to repatriate foreign ISIS terrorists to their home countries—even if those countries refuse to accept them.

“You should revise your stance toward Turkey, which at the moment holds so many IS members in prison and at the same time controls those in Syria,” Erdogan told reporters this week. “These gates will open and these IS members who have started to be sent to you will continue to be sent. Then you can take care of your own problem.”

However, a number of EU states, including the UK, have stripped several of their citizens who went on to become ISIS terrorists of their citizenship. This practice has created a number of terrorists who are effectively stateless, creating a further headache for Ankara.

Erdogans comments came after the EU imposed sanctions on Turkey—including travel bans and the freezing of assets belonging to companies involved in drilling near Cyprus—after Turkish drilling boats escorted by gunships began exploration operations this summer in waters where Cyprus, an EU member, has exclusive drilling rights. Turkey, however, does not recognize Cyprus as a natioRead More – Source