Street artist create memorial mural in Argentina for victim of New York terror attack

Hernán Ferruchi (far left), poses with his friends on 28 October before their flight from Argentina to New York Courtesy of Trevisan family via AP

A memorial mural is being created by the Argentine street artists Medianeras for the architect Hernán Ferruchi, a victim of a suspected terrorist who drove a rented truck into a bike path in New York on 31 October 2017. The work will be unveiled later this month at Avenida Pellegrini 1568, a residential building Ferruchi was working on in the port city of Rosario—his hometown and the artists—before he died.

Commissioned by Ferruchis employer, the construction company Fundar, the paint and mosaic mural features a series of Escher-like stairwells that seem to be suspended in mid-air—at once appearing and disappearing into the surrounding architecture. An exquisitely drawn hummingbird made from Venetian glass tiles that can be found along a lower edge of the mural was inspired by his widows story of repeatedly being visited by a hummingbird after Ferruchi death.

Medianeras's memorial mural in progress Courtesy of the artists

“As street artists, we believe public art does more than just beautify cities, it creates a shared space to bring individuals and communities together”, say Vanesa Galdeano and Anali Chanquia, the two artist who make up Medianeras, in a statement. “That is what we hope our mural will do for the family, friends and community of Hernán and Rosario.”

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