8 Celebs With Different Body Types Own These Versatile Steve Madden Thigh-High Boots

Emily Ratajkowski has such an extensive collection of Steve Madden shoes, I had to check in with the brand to get some answers to my budding questions. I wanted to know things like, "How is Emrata such a good shopper?" and "How many Steve Madden heels does she purchase at once?" Of course, these were questions that, much to my dismay, could not be answered. But I did find out that Emily isn't the only fan of the label's versatile options, which offers quality at a fair price point.

Oh, that's right! Ashley Graham had worn these thigh-high boots to Gigi Hadid's 24th birthday party, and I remember being immediately struck by how effortlessly sexy she looked in them. The woman didn't even need pants! As confirmed by Steve Madden, Bebe Rexha and Cardi B own the exact same design as Ms. Graham, and there's photographic evidence they flatter all three ladies. Did I mention they ring in at $130?

Now, if you already own over-the-knee boots, we have a feeling you'll be attracted to a different irresistible silhouette here, from Taylor Swift's Read More – Source