Casualty review with spoilers: Is Mason really nice underneath?

Masons sunny side is showing (Picture: BBC)

Casualty has really given us a puzzle of a character with new F1 Mason Reed (Victor Oshin). Is he nothing but an arrogant, unpleasant liability wholl throw anyone under a bus to save owning up to his mistakes? Or is there more to him than that?

This episode started to give us some answers, and Im now firmly in the more to him than that camp – and I really love how the writers and Victor Oshin have created such a complex personality. Having seen glimpses of his home life in this episode, it seems that whats probably going on is that hes the son that the whole family have pinned their hopes on – and he just cant let them down. He has to live up to their expectations – and his own expectations too.

At times you can see the caring, lovely doctor he could be – when he talked to Carina about her pregnancy he was so kind and sensitive (until he spoiled it by getting her to fill in a feedback form). His family clearly adore him, so Im willing to bet that this is who he really is and the side of him that sneers at Jade as a newly qualified nurse and rejects advice is just a front.



Weve seen these types before on Casualty, but Masons front runs a lot deeper than most. Normally a couple of episodes in and arrogant junior doctors are starting to relax and become team players. Not so with Mason, and hes fascinating to watch – even if he is a nightmare to work with.

David lashes out in Casualty
Stress in The Hide (Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Rosa (Jacey Salles) has her work cut out living with David (Jason Durr) and Ollie (Harry Collett). The pair of them are very much alike. When Ollies mum said she wanted Ollie to come back to live with her both Ollie and David didnt really want that, but they were both going to go along with it anyway. It took Rosa to once again remind David that he has to assert himself if hes going to be the father that Ollie needs.

And there were signs that Ethan (George Rainsford) and Effie (Abigail Hardingham) are falling for each other. She came to seek his advice about whether she should take part in the CF trial after all. Shes scared shell react badly to the treatment and itll leave her worse than she was before. Ethan didnt want to influence her, but when she was brought in with breathing problems that turned out to be a panic attack he told Read More – Source