EastEnders spoilers: Bailey Baker makes a shocking death discovery about Karen Taylor

(Picture: BBC)

Bailey Baker (Kara-Leah Fernandes) has been through so much in EastEnders this past year, but shes managed to come out the other end with the help of the Taylor clan. With a new beginning on the horizon, it looks like things might be finally starting to look up for her — that is, until she discovers something shocking about Karen (Lorraine Stanley).

In the coming episodes, Bailey reveals that shed like Karen to become her legal guardian. Karen is touched by the young girls request but — before any decisions are made — Bailey later overhears her and Mitch (Roger Griffiths) discussing the circumstances surrounding Dinah Wilsons (Anjela Lauren Smith) death.

The fact that Karen was aware that Dinah wanted to take her own life is mentioned during this conversation — and Bailey overhears this, and thus shes left incredibly upset.

After giving it some more thought, Karen makes it clear that she wants to adopt Bailey — but she doesnt get the response she was hoping for, as Bailey confronts her over what happened with Dinah.



Karen is left devastated by Baileys questions — but what will transpire?Read More – Source